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Paris in Blossom

paris in bloom, blossoms paris, spring paris, white, flowers,

Is there any season as marvellous as Spring?

The re-awakening of the senses after the slumber of winter, the colours, the light and the trees. Bulbs burst in bright colours from the ground and plants miraculously come alive and along with it that feeling of hope and positivity that you can’t wait to start all over again.

In the depths of winter I often doubt whether I ‘have it in me’ or whether I ‘do it all over again’. Then those magical rays of sunshine breathe life into wooden sticks and branches and deep down in my soul I too come to life and know ‘yes I can do it again and I can hardly wait’.

Ideas start buzzing, colours fill your head and inner songs beg to become photos and you wonder why you ever doubted life and creativity in the first place. Instead you are awake and inhaling deep breaths saying ‘bring it on’!!

This is how Paris looked last week when she awoke from the slumber..

Wishing you wonderful creative energy and all the beauty that Spring brings with it. Oh and of course a little romance never goes astray..

paris in bloom, blossoms paris, spring paris, white, flowers,

paris in bloom, blossoms paris, spring paris, white, flowers,

paris in bloom, blossoms paris, spring paris, white, flowers,

paris in bloom, blossoms paris, spring paris, white, flowers, magnolia blooms

paris in bloom, blossoms paris, spring paris, white, flowers, pink flowers, blossoms, cherry blossom tree

paris in bloom, blossoms paris, spring paris, white, flowers, pink flowers,

paris in bloom, blossoms paris, spring paris, white, flowers, magnolia blooms

paris in bloom, blossoms paris, spring paris, white, flowers, magnolia blooms

paris in bloom, blossoms paris, spring paris, white, flowers, magnolia blooms

Sending you oodles of positive energy, sunshine and creativity..

“Never cut a tree down in the wintertime. Never make a negative decision in the low time. Never make your most important decisions when you are in your worst moods. Wait. Be patient. The storm will pass. The spring will come.” Robert  H Schuller

And much light and love



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Planning A Trip To Paris

Paris collage, paris travel photos, travel photographer, fine art travel photographer, carla coulson, paris cafe, paris flowers, paris seine, paris architecture, paris florists, All pics from Carla Loves Photography on Instagram

I wanted to wish you a fabulous Friday and a relaxing weekend.  Last week in Paris it snowed and rained, we had blue skies and sunny days and somehow Paris in winter (if you can stand the cold) is even more seductive than her light and breezy summer version.

If you happen to be planning a trip to Paris I have put together a list of some of my favourite addresses and things to do in Paris. From the best coffee shops to  some out of the way quirky shops, boutiques and museums. You can read it here.

Wishing you a wonderful week filled with happiness.

“Own only what you can always carry with you: know languages, know countries, know people. Let your memory be your travel bag.”  Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


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The King’s (Avedon) Message

avedon cat, carla coulson

 King Avedon Copyright Carla Coulson

Ze Carla az kindly let me have ze blog to tell you a little about ze New Year in Paris.

Ze Paris iz always a good idea but last year it waz extra good. We had ze sun, yes ze sun waz shining in ze Paris a lot more zhan I am used to so zhat meant more of ze bistro lunches on ze terrace, more lying on ze floor warming ze heart and ze fur on ze tummy and ze sleeping it comes very eazy with ze sun.

When you are born in ze Paris like me you appreciate many of ze French tings.

Like we like ze talking in ze low voice (I even purr quietly), we like ze fine things (ze duck and ze foie gras) and zhose chocolates like ze new man in me building makes (Pierre Herme). When we go to ze café we sit at ze tables zhat are really close together but we never look ze cat next to us in ze eye. And ze waiter when he wants to ignore us he never looks us in ze eye. Looking in ze eyes is big code in Paris. If you come to Paris and no one looks you in ze eye it just means zhey aren’t ready to serve you. Parisian catz know zis isn’t ze rude way it’s just ze French code.

If you haven’t been to ze Paris you will see on the streets ze poulet roti (roast chicken) and zhey drive me wild and me dreams are filled with zhose little terrines of ze piggy and ze livers. I have ze dream of being a vegetarian zhen I take ze walk through ze Marais and see the golden poulet going around and around in ze machine and me little head starts to spin and I want to attack ze whole machine and take zhem all home to eat. Grrr.. and me plans of being a vegetarian are spoiled for anozer time.

Ze Marais is really having ze shaking up lately. More of ze fine tings in ze pretty shops are here like le ze candles of ze Cire Trudon who have moved onto me street (I swear zhey have the poulet roti candle I can smell it in me dreams) and de chocolate man Mr. Pierre Herme haz ze pretty shop in our building. He makes ze macarons with ze strange flavours zhat us Parisian cats like, foie gras (what waz he tinking) and ze truffle.

In ze summer when it’s not freezing me paws off I go down in ze morning to say hello at ze window and see ze lovely macarons and ze chocolates. I give them me ‘starving Paris cat face’ in ze hope zay may bring a little something to ze door with ze foie gras in it. No chocolate pleaze.

I am a king cat (zhat means I am ze boss around here) and someone needs to rule zees two ozerwise I wouldn’t get the best tucker and me bed wouldn’t be made of cashmere and me dinner wouldn’t be 3 courses. I give zhem ze shaking up when zhey get a little lazy and do the relaxing a little too much.

In me next life I am going to be a pirate and sail ze seas with ze other cats and we we will go to ze places with ze sun, ze Bahamas, ze Greece and ze Morocco where you find ze curvy girls catz. Did I mention I love ze sun? Sometimes I need to push the poulet roti over in me dreams to make space to dream about ze sun. Ze perfect life I tink would be hugging a poulet roti in ze sun maybe in ze Greece with ze curvy girl cats nearby.

I know youze will have a good year zhis year and I know youze love ze travel like ze furless mummy. We have a lot in common. Ze FM and I we both dream of ze sunny places lying on ze beach on ze stripey beach bed, me with ze poulet roti and FM with ze camera.

I know ze 2015 is going to be ze best year of your life. Us Parisian catz we do ze meditating, we tink a lot about what we want in ze life (you know we have many) and zhen we close our eyes, hold our paws together and say ‘puuuuurrrrrrrrrr’ and what we want comes true.

Itz ze same for you. If you want a poulet roti or to be a photographer like FM you just need to meditate on it, close your eyes, believe you catz can do it oh and zhen work very hard to make it happen.

Ze important ting is to believe in your dreams (even if they are dominated by poulet roti). Ze dreams are ze little messages to us catz and zhey are important especially when you live in ze Paris.

I know zhis because I have had ze many lives. Every life I believe in me dreams and zhey come true and ze same can happen for you catz.

So if your dreams for 2015 have ze Paris in zhem please come to see ze Marais with ze shaking up and when you are walking down ze street one day you might see me looking in ze window of ze Pierre Herme. You will recognize me cause I am ze spicy one.

Peace, love and light (and poulet roti) from your favourite Parisian cat

Happy 2015..

“Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe.” Voltaire


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Christmas In Paris

Paris Christmas, Carla Coulson, Dior, Avenue Montaigne, Fine art travel photography, Carla Coulson

All Photos copyright Carla Coulson

I wanted to share a little of the atmosphere of Paris as we lead up to Christmas.

It’s been a long time since I have had the luxury of spending Christmas with Francesco and this year it will be just the three of us (Avedon in his bow tie) in Paris before I jump on a plane to Australia.

I have loved this year, it’s been a great of year of learning in many ways for me, finally putting some things into practice that I have promised myself my whole life (like slowing down) and always believing.

Paris Christmas, christmas lights, fine art travel photography, carla coulson, avenue montaigne, dior,

Deep down inside I have always known to believe is one of the most important things we can have. If you believe in something, in yourself, your projects, your future and in others, your beliefs will become your reality. This year has shown me that more than any other year in regards to my health. I always knew mother nature could offer us a great alternative and she did!

I wish we were all in the same room so I could give you a giant hug, that’s how i feel like wrapping us this year. Sharing the love and friendship you have offered throughout the years and now more than anytime I  know it’s people, relationships, sharing and love that makes the world a special place to live in.

Plaza athenee, paris christmas, avenue montaigne, fine art travel photography, carla coulson, departure lounge

So here it is a GIANNNNNNTTTTT HUGGGGGG across the oceans from me.. May your Chistmas and holidays be serene and filled with belief in yourself, your future and in 2015.

Don’t give up on your dreams, sometimes things take longer than we expect but just remember to do the best you can today and if you do that everyday, today will take you to your future.

avenue montaigne, paris christmas, carla coulson, fine art travel photography, carla coulson

paris christmas, christmas lights, carla coulson, fine art travel photography, departure lounge, carla coulson, avenue montaigne, eiffel tower

paris christmas lights, rue rambuteau, carla coulson, le marais, fine art travel photography, departure lounge,

paris christmas lights, carla coulson, fine art travel photography, departure lounge, avenue montaigne

All Photos copyright Carla Coulson

Stay tuned for The “King’s” (King Avedon) message next week.

Endless thanks and love..

“Work hard for what you want because it won’t come to you without a fight. You have to be strong and courageous and know that you can do anything you put your mind to. If somebody puts you down or criticizes you, just keep on believing in yourself and turn it into something positive.” Leah LaBelle


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Paris Paleo, Gluten Free and Organic

paris paleo, paris gluten free, paris organic, Carla coulson

Organic market Boulevard Raspail Copyright Carla Coulson

Ever since I wrote the post about going the natural route and having wonderful success with my auto-immune conditions I have been meaning to share with you some of my favourite addresses in Paris where you can eat gluten free, Paleo or organic.

I cook most days and even prepare my hubby’s lunch (gawd am I a saint or what!) and I shop organic as much as I can so I don’t spend a lot of times in restaurants but when I do I want to make sure I can eat something on the menu!

organic eggs paris, eating organic paris, carla coulson, auto-immune

Organic market Boulevard Raspail Copyright Carla Coulson

Here are some places I love to shop and eat in Paris:

Organic Market Boulevard Raspail

I love this market! The entire market is organic so you just need to make your way here on Sunday mornings and you no longer need to worry about what’s organic or not, it’s all organic! You will find it all here, raw milk and raw cheese brought in from farmer’s in Normandy.

I eat very little meat and refuse to eat meat from factory farmed animals (please be kind to our animal friends) so I appreciate that two farmers who raise grass feed beef, chicken and rabbit sell their produce here.

You will find specialists here who might just sell herbs they have grown or free range eggs, home cooked soup or baked goods. You can also find gluten free bread here.

There is an entire Italian stall selling everything from organic olives to parmesan. I start salivating on approach. If you can’t make it to the Boulevard Raspail market almost all markets have one stall that sells organic produce in each arrondissement so go check them out.

Marche Raspail

Boulevard Raspail

Metro: Rennes

Every Sunday

9am to 2pm


Noglu Restaurant & Epicerie

16, Passage des Panoramas

75002 Paris

This delightful restaurant also has a take-away across the way. It is located in a beautiful passage in the 2nd in Paris. The chef is gluten and lactose intolerant so this restaurant is heaven for celiac’s and those trying to avoid gluten. The menu is full of delicious fresh soups, fish, pasta and heavenly cakes and you no longer need to feel like you are in Paris and missing out on all those cakes that call to you from every Boulangerie.


57 rue Charlot


Whilst Nanashi isn’t a gluten free restaurant they only use bio-dynamic fruit and vegetables. They serve Japanese/French fusion with Bento boxes of fish, meat or vegetarian and they will prepare you one that is Gluten free.

They also serve a Chirasi of organic salmon and rice. Hard to get a seat here so arrive early for lunch or dinner.

Cafe Pinson

6 rue du Forez,


If you can’t get into Nanashi try the cute Cafe Pinson across the street. A warm relaxed New York style cafe with a delicious organic menu with gluten free options. Their philosophy is to serve nutrient dense delicious food.

Niji Sushi

15 rue des Archives

75004 Paris

This sushi restaurant on rue des archives in the heart of Le marais serves organic salmon and rice and is great for a quick casual lunch.

Pousse Pousse

5 & 7 rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette,

75009 Paris

Pousse Pousse is a delightful small restaurant in the cool SOPI (south of Pigalle) that is raw, vegetarian, gluten free and organic. They have daily menus that are often lactose or egg free as well so no matter how fragile your system is there is something to eat at Pousse Pousse. Not open for dinner.


14 rue Ternaux


Even though I don’t eat many grains, every now and then I feel like a little bread and so does hubby.  Chambelland is a gluten free bakery in the cool 11th and offers fabulous breads and simple cakes and has a little cafe that serves their products.

Eric Kayser

8 rue Monge

Paris 75005

One of Paris’s best bakers, Eric Kayser is gluten intolerant. That’s a bonus for all of us as he has developed a gluten free bread that is delicious and has a range of gluten free cakes that are wrapped.

Helmut Newcake

36 rue Bichat

Paris 75010

A girlfriend of mine swears by this place. This is what she has to say “wow the desserts are unreal. Not very paleo but as a gluten free girl I’m beyond happy to eat their lemon tarts, eclairs and anything else I can get my hands on…great pastries for a treat with a pot of tea they do beautifully….”

Other food notes:

France is a pretty good place to eat Paleo. Even if you can’t get to these addresses you can walk into any local cafe and order an omelette and salad, or if you like your meat, an Entrecôte. The menu is heavily weighted towards meat and 3 vege but do insist on telling the waiter if you are intolerant to anything. I have found all restaurants very helpful and they always have something they can whip up for you.

France’s most famous dessert at the moment, the macaron is wait for it, GLUTEN-FREE. If you buy your macaroons at the best patisseries such as Pierre Herme you don’t have to come all the way to Paris and miss out.

If you can’t make it to the market Paris has many Organic supermarkets such as Bio C’Bon (I go to the one on rue Vieille du Temple, Naturalia and Bio Coop.

If you know or eat at any other favourites please let me know below so I can spread the word.

“If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him… the people who give you their food give you their heart.” Cesar Chavez




Please share with your friends on their way to Paris.

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