eclectic design, Design Anarchy, Eva Trevisan

Dreams Into Reality: An Eclectic Artisanal Design Brand

eclectic design, Design Anarchy, Eva Trevisan
Portrait by David Bastianoni; Photo in background by Bottega53

I first came to know of the beautiful eclectic design work of Eva Trevisan and Clara Boatto when the daughter of a friend of mine was part of a beautiful wedding in Puglia. I loved everything about that wedding, the table decorations, the flowers, the tambourines, the music, the fiat 500, and the music. And just like that, I was a mega fan of the girls who were then known as Chic Weddings. 

Eva and Clara, like the true creatives they are, kept on rolling and creating new versions of themselves and events for lucky folk to participate in from colourful creative workshops to out of this world parties and events known as the Design Anarchy Studio.

Their recent project is one that I think many people dream of and that is creating their own curated collection of accessories crafted by talented artists for soul gifting and memorable hospitality! 

They boldly state, “This is our story, we are different. You either love us or hate us. If you love us, it will be forever.”

I’m one of those lovers! And maybe you will be too?

Today Eva shares her knowledge on turning their dream into a reality.

You’ve had many incarnations as a creative, designing amazing weddings and private functions around the world, stylist, creating workshops for creatives to re-inspire them after a season of giving. What has been a useful talent, skill or value that has helped you bring to your incredible creative artisanal eclectic design products to life?

We always dreamt to create something unique that could express the real “us,” something that could represent our vision and show our audience what we really love but we were always reluctant because the risk was that our tastes would appeal to one particular clientele and automatically alienate another. 

From the moment we understood that, we just wanted to be ourselves and show who we really are. Letting go of our fears, we started running directly towards our online collection of items we love. The collection is for DIY brides, private event organisers, hotels, and restaurants looking for artisanal items for their tables and for all those seeking ideas for presents and thoughts for their guests or for themselves. It is a cabinet of curiosities aimed at showing beautiful pieces made by worldwide artisans. The crafting skills behind some items are incredible. We worked with artists who helped us to bring our ideas into reality and who created, in collaboration with our design, wonderful handmade items. Nothing is produced in big factories and with this, we hope to help the world of craftsmanship to be valued and appreciated more and more.

eclectic design, Design Anarchy, Eva Trevisan, Clara Boatto, Italy
Photo Credit: Design Anarchy Studio
eclectic design, Design Anarchy, Eva Trevisan, Clara Boatto, Italy
Photo Credit: Cinzia Bruschini

Courage is essential when we do something new or dare to move towards something we care about. I love how you embrace the concept of “be uncommon, be you” which is so refreshing in a world that finds it difficult to be themselves and stand out. What role has courage played in your new project, in leaning into your particular eclectic design style and vision, what has motivated you to be courageous with Design Anarchy Studio? 

We always chose to be ourselves even though sometimes it is not always easy to follow this path; it is a choice we made fully when our company grew, and I must admit we are still evolving and shaping into this decision. Sometimes, we feel the pressure from the world — especially the business world — for us to be more commercial, more similar to other companies. A good entrepreneur would probably focus on the business side of his company, while an artist would prefer to keep doing his art (and live on the street)… but we are a bit in between. 

We believe that as much as it is important to run a healthy business and that without a good profit, the business would cease to exist, we still try to run our company (with our vision in mind), always bringing our visions and personalities to our clients. We’re always aiming to meld art, our vision, and our knowledge of the market altogether to make the business more successful in all aspects.

After 15 years in this business, we have seen this market grow enormously in these past years. New agencies have been born and now the market offers different solutions for every budget or taste. We have understood that the only way to make a difference is to be ourselves, to bring our expertise and knowledge to this market with our skills and experience and with our dreams and creative visions. This requires a bit of risk — not every client might like a leopard-print tablecloth at their event, but like everything in life, we believe that risks are always paid back. Only in this way will we attract the right clients for us. 

We might change again in the next 10 years — obviously, we won’t be the same as we are now — but this is the beauty of life. Courage doesn’t come without fears, but when you are motivated by something creative inside, the jump always rewards you with surprises that would not be possible if you stayed in safer waters. 🙂

eclectic design, Design Anarchy, Eva Trevisan, Clara Boatto, Italy
Right, Photo Credit: Cinzia Bruschini; Left, Photo Credit: Design Anarchy
Design Anarchy, Eva Trevisan, Clara Boatto, Italy, eclectic design
Photo Credit: Design Anarchy Studio

You are a renaissance woman moving across so many creative fields. What is one habit, tip, or behaviour that supports your ongoing creativity? What has creativity taught you about yourself? 

Sometimes, I personally don’t feel creative at all. While some days are better than others, I think it is the normal life of a creative person. 

When we were in lockdown in March 2020, I had this idea to create moodboards with items I found at home and to describe each moodboard with the names of an event or a journey. It was a super fun project which helped me and my business partner Clara, to “see” more and visualise more of the items we had at home. To divide in colour palette, to create from nothing…

What I have learnt about myself is that sometimes creativity is an inner talent. You don’t notice you have it but then you realise it belongs to you when you compare it with the world or when a magical idea comes in. A glimpse of creativity comes to me when I am at the cinema (which has a big influence on me, I looove the big screen) or maybe I’m just walking down the street and boom! I get an idea! I am a big observer when I travel and I always have my eyes open, so I think this helps a lot. I observe everything around me, from young generations in the way they live, act, dress to food markets, nature, buildings, and people…

Creativity has taught me that I cannot live without combining items, patterns, and colours together. It also makes me happy.

eclectic design, Design Anarchy, Eva Trevisan, Clara Boatto, Italy
Photo Credit: Alina Danilov
eclectic design, Design Anarchy, Eva Trevisan, Clara Boatto, Italy
Left, Photo Credit: David Bastianoni; Right, Photo Credit: Elisabetta Lilly-Red

Women are often told that at 40+, they are too late to realise their dreams. How has your age and experience been a positive asset in starting this new adventure for Design Anarchy? What would you say to women who need to take their first step?

I think when you are 40+, you need to take your steps more consciously because at this age, you may also have a bunch of heavy luggage with you (children, husband, a house to pay, bills to pay, etc…) so let’s face it, it requires a good business plan. We started to change our company name in 2020 after 14 years in the business. It took a lot of courage but we were tired of being associated with something we were not anymore. We took the risk and now we are happy about our decision. We are not the same as we were 14 years ago, and our company name didn’t represent us anymore so we feel we did the right move.

40s is also the age when a woman feels more empowered with herself, more convinced of herself, and she has started accepting herself differently than during her 20s. It requires lots of constant work when taking the first step in achieving the dreams, hard work, and pragmatism but she also forgives herself easily. If she falls, she rises up again without being too hard on herself. To the women who are taking their first steps, I would say that it is important to plan well and play a lot, to enjoy each journey they have decided to step into, to take their decisions with a smile, and if they don’t work out, it doesn’t matter. To avoid acting like the worst judge of themselves but to be kind. To treat themselves gently. Whatever their dreams are, it is important to value them and to have a clear plan in mind, then once they’ve decided to take that step forward, be aware of all the roads leading to that dream, it is not all glam and fame but it is always worth the journey.

Courage doesn’t come without fears, but when you are motivated by something creative inside, the jump always rewards you with surprises that would not be possible if you stayed in safer waters.

What’s a message, quote, or saying you would like to send out to the world about taking a risk and doing what you love? And why?

“It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.” — Andre Gide

I think the quote summarizes everything.

eclectic design, Design Anarchy, Eva Trevisan, Clara Boatto, Italy
Left, Photo Credit: David Bastianoni; Right, Photo Credit: Design Anarchy Studio

You can check out the eclectic design work of Design Anarchy Studio here:

Their new shop and artisanal range of artisanal eclectic design products here:

And you can follow Design Anarchy on Instagram here:

A huge thank you to Eva for sharing her thoughts and knowledge.


Wishing you a beautiful, creative day.

Carla x

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My French Country Home

A Magazine Must for Francophiles

My French Country Home

Photo Credits: My French Country Home, July/August 2021 Issue

I love how magazines are moving out of the hands of big corporations and into the loving arms of talented creatives all around the world. This phenomenon seems to be happening more and more and My French Country Home by Sharon Santoni is another beautiful example of what happens when you put your heart, talent, and vision together to create something truly unique.

For lovers of all things French, Sharon takes you on an intimate tour of France, a delicious feast, and looks into the lives of those who are passionate about creating beautiful homes, decor, design, gardens, and great food.

This month, I’m excited to be part of this beautiful issue talking about photography, women, dreams, life, and coaching.

Sharon and her team have searched out the best of France and to deliver an informative and inspirational magazine. A must for those of you who can’t get here this year.

Here are some sample pages from their July/August 2021 issue:

My French Country Home

My French Country Home

My French Country Home

My French Country Home

My French Country Home

Photo Credits: My French Country Home, July/August 2021 Issue

You can grab your digital or printed copy here ⤀

Many thanks to Sharon and her team for including me in My French Country Home.

Love and light,

Carla x


reawaken your lust for life

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How to have a multi-faceted creative biz you love and be successful?

Collage of photos of carla coulson and her multi-faceted creative business you love, with Italian joy, taking photos, holding flowers and her fine art photos

Hello Lovelies, This is a question people ask me all the time. How do I have a multi-faceted creative biz I love and move from one project to the next and know where I’m going?”

It’s true, when I look back at my life and the different projects and business ‘arms’ I’ve explored there’ve been many! 

    • I moved from Sydney to Florence in Italy
    • Started out as a travel photographer at age 35 working for magazines
    • I photographed and wrote 3 books and collaborated on a further 5, had a successful portrait business in Paris 
    • Gave workshops in Italy and Australia
    • Created the photographic work I love and opened a print shop
    • Trained to become a life coach and coach creatives to life their most fabulous life

The list goes on but that’s not what this is about.


Why can I do this?

It’s not about creativity or any of that or that I’m a whizz at business, my secret is that I have the foundational pieces of who I am as a human being and this allows me to do all of the above. 

    • I know my values and what I stand for and stand against
    • I trust my intuition and use it as a life and business tool
    • I’m heart connected to the projects, people and situations that resonate and excite me.
    • I trust myself
    • I have faith, persistence and patience
    • I’m confident (and I mean this in the most humble of ways)

I KNOW there will be mistakes, I KNOW it won’t be perfect and some things won’t work out, I’m OK with that. This ability to be OK with some ‘course correcting’ is part of a creative life and I’m all in when it comes to living wholeheartedly and creatively. 

Fear is my best friend, it keeps me alert and awake and listening but it doesn’t  crucify me. I’m scared just like you of new things but I’ve learnt that out of my comfort zone lies the magic and opportunities to grow.

What you want to achieve in life or a multi-faceted creative biz you love and is successful comes down to you being rock solid with who you are not actually doing the things. 

    • If you aren’t rock solid with who you are, you won’t have the courage to take the leap.
    • You will be worried about what others think about you instead of what you think about yourself.
    • Fear will freeze you instead of motivating you.

Let’s get one thing straight. It’s not about talent.


If you want to know how you can live more wholeheartedly, reconnect to your joy, creativity and purpose, click on the image above to join the free training.

Talent is something you can learn with time and practice, everyone is talented, what it depends on is how connected you are to your thing. If you love it enough, YOU WILL WANT to do it over and over again and you will be successful. The trick is allowing yourself to do the thing you love. 

This is the basis of Yes, Yes, Yes – Say Yes to Yourself, the foundational pieces that every woman needs so she can go get the life that makes her want to get up in the morning feeling ALIVE, hug the cat, hug the neighbours, and skip down the stairs. 

Your magic lies within you, it’s about letting go of the stuff you carry around that’s not yours and getting to the real you. 

In creativity, love, and light,

Carla x

yes yes yes, carla coulson

Why I Created Yes, Yes, Yes instead of a Photography Course

Hello Lovelies,

I want to tell you a little bit today about why I created Yes, Yes, Yes instead of creating a photography course, which may have seemed more of a natural fit for me.

Approximately 4 years ago, my personal life imploded and I found myself on a Greek Island on my own not believing what was happening to me. My heart had been broken into tiny pieces and I needed a roadmap out of where I was and back to living a life I loved!

In between the tears and being curled up in the foetal position, I had big ideas, I would scribble them down, they came in fast and furious and I knew exactly how to get out of there and I WANTED TO TAKE OTHER WOMEN WITH ME. I had one epiphany after another.

I realised so many things in that moment!

    1. I could do anything I wanted if I allowed myself to Say Yes to what was really in my heart.
    2. I started to re-imagine what that would be and how big I could dream.
    3. I’d compromised on many things over the years that were important to me and I saw many of my friends doing the same things.
    4. I was heartbroken but all the work I had done as a coach was showing me the way out in an empowered way.


You can watch my FREE TRAINING on how to reconnect to your creativity, joy, and purpose and the things that keep you stuck by clicking here.

In the most stressful, heartbreaking time of my life, it was also the most exciting, liberating, and creative time of my life. I wanted to scream from the highest mountain what I knew and share with others and help them live the loves they love and get out of wherever they were, even if it was simply stuck, not on the floors in tears.

Many people can teach you to take photos and it’s my joy also to teach that, but I feel my calling is something greater, to teach you how to have the courage to be a photographer or live the life you love where you are all in.

I’m not special, I just have a roadmap!

My big WHY for creating this program was to take you with me, to show you the other side of a life half-lived. That it’s not just for the lucky ones but for those brave enough to do the work .

What’s your big why? Hit reply and let me know.

Love and light,

Carla x


carla coulson dancing with hairy armpits

Women and Hairy Armpits, Why I Grew Mine!

carla coulson dancing with hairy armpits

Dear Lovelies, I know you will think I’ve gone mad writing this post and especially for sharing this photo of my hairy armpits with you but it’s incredible how hairy underarms are so controversial for women!!!!

There is a reason why I decided to do this: 

  • I realised my shaved underarm hair was a metaphor for so many things that us women do in our lives, without ever truly consciously choosing to do it. 
  • One of those situations where we react to opinions without us realising and they become part of our ‘automatic operating system’’ that lasts a lifetime.


Who can even remember why they started waxing or shaving their underarm hair? 

What was the comment that got us into a lifetime of doing something on rote, that we never even question?

I can remember the day my relationship with my body hair changed. I was15 years old, it was a sunny day and I was in the playground enjoying the sun at Port Macquarie High School. A boy made a comment that I had hairs on my legs that I looked like a gorilla even though when I looked at his leg hair they were twice as long as mine!  

I remember he even had the hide to grab a couple and pull them, that gentle sting coupled with the shaming words for me being me remained. I was indignant for a couple of days thinking ‘screw you’. 

But then I did what many of us do in so many areas of our lives and that was capitulated to what society, beauty advertisements, and men told me to do about my body without it being something I consciously chose. 

I started shaving my legs and as they were truly coarse, long and dark at some point, I started waxing them. My armpits were another story. I waited longer to say goodbye to those babies and then one day I just started shaving them, not having the courage to let someone rip at them when there was already enough torture going on in the leg department most months.


Fast forward 40 years

I’d hardly given my underarm hair a thought, just automatically picked up the razors every couple of weeks and shaved them off without a thought. In 2020  I made the conscious choice to let my underarm hair grow and see what would happen. Sort of like my own science experiment!

It was a conscious choice to shoot the breeze with this strange relationship ! I was curious at first as my underarm hair grew longer and longer, they were soft and sort of sparse but I loved to twirl them (sorry way too much detail). It was odd to commune with this part of my body that had been missing for 40 years so I have to admit it held a sort of curious fascination. 


It provoked questions like: 

  • Who decided in history that women’s underarm hair was unsightly?’
  • ‘Is there a hygiene reason why these babies have to go and men’s armpit hair doesn’t?’
  • ‘Why underarm hair became a symbol in the 60’s of women’s liberation’


Needless to say, Google got a workout and if I’d known I had been shaving off my pheromones all those years ago I may have changed my mind! What I did realise from all my Google searches are how controversial these patches of sweet hairs are.

I noticed it shocked anyone that got a glimpse of mine, I could almost hear the quick inhale, women of all ages that too had their own imprinting about what was wrong or right to do with the poor hairy armpits; men, young boys, my mother and the women in the underwear department when I went to buy a new bra. It was also interesting how I felt about their reaction.  

Why am I sharing this with you? No, I don’t want you to grow your underarm hair and in fact one day I may even shave it all off again but when I do it will be a conscious choice of mine. 

The reason I’m sharing this with you is to explain how many things that go on in our lives that are unconscious choices, things that happen over and over again, daily, weekly or even monthly without us giving a thought to them. Things that we have been taught that soon become part of our belief system and we no longer question it. 


This happens in all areas of our lives:

  • The relationship with ourselves and with others
  • What we believe we can and can’t do
  • What we are worthy of or not and it’s these unconscious patterns and behaviours that are automatic that cause us to remain where we are
  • Often stuck in a life that we don’t love because of information that entered our energy field a long time ago


It’s when you become conscious and informed, see these patterns and behaviours and start to choose consciously on a daily basis, that your life becomes truly yours and you steer it in a direction you want. 

The choices we make create our reality!

I know this is example of women and their hairy armpits is weird,  but it’s the choices that we make that create our reality and when you are making conscious choices about the things in your life, then you start to get the outcome you desire instead of any old outcome. 


Enough about my underarm hair. 

I’m sure you will have an opinion on this subject and I would love to hear it so hit me up in the comments. 

Sending love,

Carla x


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