creativity, carla coulson

Lessons from Creativity, the Generous Teacher

creativity, carla coulson

Hello Beautiful Ones, 

I’ve been absent for a while and am so excited to be back. 

Sometimes in life, we need to give ourselves the gift of time of being able to reconnect back to what is important to us and process what’s next.

I’ve had a lot of fun taking photos over the past months with some beautiful gals who the universe sent my way and the joy we shared reminded me of the power of photography and creativity in general. 

Here are some wisps of thoughts and feelings this experience gave me:

    • Opening myself to new ideas
    • Working with beauty
    • Looking at the environment in a new way when I couldn’t get what I wanted
    • Being allowed ‘to play’ 
    • The release of anxiety and stress 
    • Being lost in the flow, the process
    • Connecting to a story that I deeply care about 
    • Constantly asking myself ‘what if’?
    • Starting a love affair with my project and staying in that phase till it’s ready to share with the world
    • Entering the ‘process’ of creativity with trust and faith knowing that something will come 
    • Feeling the softening inside after a day of a shoot, the little ‘love rush’ for what was created. 
    • The pure joy of being in the moment 
    • Making mindful choices… Asking those inner questions 


If your life is feeling a little rocky, reach for something creative, give yourself the gift of communing with yourself, being fully in the present, and creating beauty. It’s an easy and fun way to reconnect to joy

Sending you much love,

Carla x

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Athalee Brown, Madly Calm, breathwork

What Happened When My Best Friend Got Bitten By A Monkey

Athalee Brown, Madly Calm, breathwork

When I got the call in Paris that my best friend had been bitten by a rogue monkey in Kuala Lumpur, my first reaction was to laugh. My niece was with me at the time and it became a daily drama so far removed from Paris life that we couldn’t wait to check in each day to see what the monkey was up to.

It wasn’t funny at all; in fact, it terrorized her and the other people as it broke into their homes and bit the unsuspecting victims.

My best buddy Athalee Brown was truly bitten by a monkey and it was not long after a serious bike accident. Like all things that are sent to us to test us, it gave her a chance to get back on the path to what she truly cared about, helping people live more peaceful and grounded lives. Breathwork was her way out of pain and trauma and reconnecting back to what was important to her.

She has since created Madly Calm, and there is a reason she called it Madly Calm, girls like us lead busy lives and we fantasise about being calm but we veer more towards the ‘madly’ part. We are ‘madly’ busy, creative, passionate, pressed for time, and overwhelmed with our lives. We are ‘madly’ running around after the kids, our partners, our bosses, the things we ‘should’ do, and everything else in between that often we become disconnected from who we are and what we want. Being in this state of chaos is bad for everybody but most of all, for us.

People tell me all the time that they can’t meditate, and it was one of those things that I also said when I knew it was time for me to learn to calm down. Breathwork is like cheating; it’s for the gals who don’t have the time to sit still for twenty minutes but want to get results in 5 minutes. Breathwork is the silver bullet we have all been searching for in our busy lives without having to buy the fancy yoga kit.

Breathwork I’ve also discovered can have far and wide-reaching benefits other than calming our nervous systems, my personal gamechanger no longer going to the toilet three times a night, sleeping deeply, and helping me access more intuition and clarity on what I really want.

Athalee Brown, Madly Calm

I’ve learnt that to go further, you need to also know when to go slower. 

Athalee is a Certified Instructor of the Buteyko Clinic, The Oxygen Advantage, and a graduate of the Australian Centre for Meditation and Mindfulness.

If lockdown or any effects from 2020 are getting you down, she is offering free breathwork classes in the coming month.

If you are:

    • Experiencing any stress/anxiety in your life.
    • Needing to boost your energy levels.
    • Suffering from sleep difficulties.
    • Needing to balance your mood & increase positive emotions.
    • Coping with grief.
    • Feeling overwhelmed with menopause symptoms.
    • Enduring physical pain
    • And the list goes on…

Love and light and do stay Madly Calm.

Carla x

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catmaste chronicles podcast, chatty cats care, cats, carla coulson

Cats, Business, Creativity, Your Happy Place in a podcast!

catmaste chronicles podcast, chatty cats care, cats, carla coulson

Dear Fellow Cat Lovers, if you have been following along for a while you will know that I’m a lover of animals and slightly obsessed about cats.

I have a dear cat called Avedon (after Richard Avedon, one of my favourite photographers) and I’m also helping out on a Greek Island at the moment feeding a neighbourhood of 40 cats.

I’m very honoured to be talking with Michelle Adams from Chatty Cats Care about dreams, business, creativity, finding your happy place and doing the things that you love that make you feel alive.

Feeding and helping cats is one of those things that makes my heart beat a little faster as well as inspiring women to go after what is true for them. If you need a little inspiration and just so happen to love cats (as a bonus), you will enjoy her fabulous podcast Catmaste Chronicles.

Episode Description: This week Michelle speaks with Carla Coulson. She is a photographer and life coach and helps women say Yes to themselves by reconnecting to their creativity, joy, and passion. Her mission is to lead women out of chaos, confusion or feeling stuck so they can access deeper creativity, love, health, success, confidence, and fun. Carla has authored 3 photography books Including Italian Joy, her story of leaving Sydney to find the right life for her as a photographer in Italy.

You can listen to the episode on their website here. You can also check it out on Apple Podcast, Spotify, or Google Podcast.

Pretty paws!

Carla x

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eclectic design, Design Anarchy, Eva Trevisan

Dreams Into Reality: An Eclectic Artisanal Design Brand

eclectic design, Design Anarchy, Eva Trevisan
Portrait by David Bastianoni; Photo in background by Bottega53

I first came to know of the beautiful eclectic design work of Eva Trevisan and Clara Boatto when the daughter of a friend of mine was part of a beautiful wedding in Puglia. I loved everything about that wedding, the table decorations, the flowers, the tambourines, the music, the fiat 500, and the music. And just like that, I was a mega fan of the girls who were then known as Chic Weddings. 

Eva and Clara, like the true creatives they are, kept on rolling and creating new versions of themselves and events for lucky folk to participate in from colourful creative workshops to out of this world parties and events known as the Design Anarchy Studio.

Their recent project is one that I think many people dream of and that is creating their own curated collection of accessories crafted by talented artists for soul gifting and memorable hospitality! 

They boldly state, “This is our story, we are different. You either love us or hate us. If you love us, it will be forever.”

I’m one of those lovers! And maybe you will be too?

Today Eva shares her knowledge on turning their dream into a reality.

You’ve had many incarnations as a creative, designing amazing weddings and private functions around the world, stylist, creating workshops for creatives to re-inspire them after a season of giving. What has been a useful talent, skill or value that has helped you bring to your incredible creative artisanal eclectic design products to life?

We always dreamt to create something unique that could express the real “us,” something that could represent our vision and show our audience what we really love but we were always reluctant because the risk was that our tastes would appeal to one particular clientele and automatically alienate another. 

From the moment we understood that, we just wanted to be ourselves and show who we really are. Letting go of our fears, we started running directly towards our online collection of items we love. The collection is for DIY brides, private event organisers, hotels, and restaurants looking for artisanal items for their tables and for all those seeking ideas for presents and thoughts for their guests or for themselves. It is a cabinet of curiosities aimed at showing beautiful pieces made by worldwide artisans. The crafting skills behind some items are incredible. We worked with artists who helped us to bring our ideas into reality and who created, in collaboration with our design, wonderful handmade items. Nothing is produced in big factories and with this, we hope to help the world of craftsmanship to be valued and appreciated more and more.

eclectic design, Design Anarchy, Eva Trevisan, Clara Boatto, Italy
Photo Credit: Design Anarchy Studio
eclectic design, Design Anarchy, Eva Trevisan, Clara Boatto, Italy
Photo Credit: Cinzia Bruschini

Courage is essential when we do something new or dare to move towards something we care about. I love how you embrace the concept of “be uncommon, be you” which is so refreshing in a world that finds it difficult to be themselves and stand out. What role has courage played in your new project, in leaning into your particular eclectic design style and vision, what has motivated you to be courageous with Design Anarchy Studio? 

We always chose to be ourselves even though sometimes it is not always easy to follow this path; it is a choice we made fully when our company grew, and I must admit we are still evolving and shaping into this decision. Sometimes, we feel the pressure from the world — especially the business world — for us to be more commercial, more similar to other companies. A good entrepreneur would probably focus on the business side of his company, while an artist would prefer to keep doing his art (and live on the street)… but we are a bit in between. 

We believe that as much as it is important to run a healthy business and that without a good profit, the business would cease to exist, we still try to run our company (with our vision in mind), always bringing our visions and personalities to our clients. We’re always aiming to meld art, our vision, and our knowledge of the market altogether to make the business more successful in all aspects.

After 15 years in this business, we have seen this market grow enormously in these past years. New agencies have been born and now the market offers different solutions for every budget or taste. We have understood that the only way to make a difference is to be ourselves, to bring our expertise and knowledge to this market with our skills and experience and with our dreams and creative visions. This requires a bit of risk — not every client might like a leopard-print tablecloth at their event, but like everything in life, we believe that risks are always paid back. Only in this way will we attract the right clients for us. 

We might change again in the next 10 years — obviously, we won’t be the same as we are now — but this is the beauty of life. Courage doesn’t come without fears, but when you are motivated by something creative inside, the jump always rewards you with surprises that would not be possible if you stayed in safer waters. 🙂

eclectic design, Design Anarchy, Eva Trevisan, Clara Boatto, Italy
Right, Photo Credit: Cinzia Bruschini; Left, Photo Credit: Design Anarchy
Design Anarchy, Eva Trevisan, Clara Boatto, Italy, eclectic design
Photo Credit: Design Anarchy Studio

You are a renaissance woman moving across so many creative fields. What is one habit, tip, or behaviour that supports your ongoing creativity? What has creativity taught you about yourself? 

Sometimes, I personally don’t feel creative at all. While some days are better than others, I think it is the normal life of a creative person. 

When we were in lockdown in March 2020, I had this idea to create moodboards with items I found at home and to describe each moodboard with the names of an event or a journey. It was a super fun project which helped me and my business partner Clara, to “see” more and visualise more of the items we had at home. To divide in colour palette, to create from nothing…

What I have learnt about myself is that sometimes creativity is an inner talent. You don’t notice you have it but then you realise it belongs to you when you compare it with the world or when a magical idea comes in. A glimpse of creativity comes to me when I am at the cinema (which has a big influence on me, I looove the big screen) or maybe I’m just walking down the street and boom! I get an idea! I am a big observer when I travel and I always have my eyes open, so I think this helps a lot. I observe everything around me, from young generations in the way they live, act, dress to food markets, nature, buildings, and people…

Creativity has taught me that I cannot live without combining items, patterns, and colours together. It also makes me happy.

eclectic design, Design Anarchy, Eva Trevisan, Clara Boatto, Italy
Photo Credit: Alina Danilov
eclectic design, Design Anarchy, Eva Trevisan, Clara Boatto, Italy
Left, Photo Credit: David Bastianoni; Right, Photo Credit: Elisabetta Lilly-Red

Women are often told that at 40+, they are too late to realise their dreams. How has your age and experience been a positive asset in starting this new adventure for Design Anarchy? What would you say to women who need to take their first step?

I think when you are 40+, you need to take your steps more consciously because at this age, you may also have a bunch of heavy luggage with you (children, husband, a house to pay, bills to pay, etc…) so let’s face it, it requires a good business plan. We started to change our company name in 2020 after 14 years in the business. It took a lot of courage but we were tired of being associated with something we were not anymore. We took the risk and now we are happy about our decision. We are not the same as we were 14 years ago, and our company name didn’t represent us anymore so we feel we did the right move.

40s is also the age when a woman feels more empowered with herself, more convinced of herself, and she has started accepting herself differently than during her 20s. It requires lots of constant work when taking the first step in achieving the dreams, hard work, and pragmatism but she also forgives herself easily. If she falls, she rises up again without being too hard on herself. To the women who are taking their first steps, I would say that it is important to plan well and play a lot, to enjoy each journey they have decided to step into, to take their decisions with a smile, and if they don’t work out, it doesn’t matter. To avoid acting like the worst judge of themselves but to be kind. To treat themselves gently. Whatever their dreams are, it is important to value them and to have a clear plan in mind, then once they’ve decided to take that step forward, be aware of all the roads leading to that dream, it is not all glam and fame but it is always worth the journey.

Courage doesn’t come without fears, but when you are motivated by something creative inside, the jump always rewards you with surprises that would not be possible if you stayed in safer waters.

What’s a message, quote, or saying you would like to send out to the world about taking a risk and doing what you love? And why?

“It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.” — Andre Gide

I think the quote summarizes everything.

eclectic design, Design Anarchy, Eva Trevisan, Clara Boatto, Italy
Left, Photo Credit: David Bastianoni; Right, Photo Credit: Design Anarchy Studio

You can check out the eclectic design work of Design Anarchy Studio here:

Their new shop and artisanal range of artisanal eclectic design products here:

And you can follow Design Anarchy on Instagram here:

A huge thank you to Eva for sharing her thoughts and knowledge.


Wishing you a beautiful, creative day.

Carla x

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My French Country Home

A Magazine Must for Francophiles

My French Country Home

Photo Credits: My French Country Home, July/August 2021 Issue

I love how magazines are moving out of the hands of big corporations and into the loving arms of talented creatives all around the world. This phenomenon seems to be happening more and more and My French Country Home by Sharon Santoni is another beautiful example of what happens when you put your heart, talent, and vision together to create something truly unique.

For lovers of all things French, Sharon takes you on an intimate tour of France, a delicious feast, and looks into the lives of those who are passionate about creating beautiful homes, decor, design, gardens, and great food.

This month, I’m excited to be part of this beautiful issue talking about photography, women, dreams, life, and coaching.

Sharon and her team have searched out the best of France and to deliver an informative and inspirational magazine. A must for those of you who can’t get here this year.

Here are some sample pages from their July/August 2021 issue:

My French Country Home

My French Country Home

My French Country Home

My French Country Home

My French Country Home

Photo Credits: My French Country Home, July/August 2021 Issue

You can grab your digital or printed copy here ⤀

Many thanks to Sharon and her team for including me in My French Country Home.

Love and light,

Carla x


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