Celebrate who you are right now and how far you have come.


Celebrate being fabulously single at 30 or 40, celebrate you and motherhood and coming out the other side of the toddler stage and finding yourself again. Celebrate being in love or getting divorced but most of all celebrate YOU, YOU, YOU.  You are fabulous just as you are today, not SOMEDAY and I love nothing better than celebrating you in Paris in the coolest way possible and creating images that will become part of your story and your families story.


Slip into the noir of Paris like a movie-star on set, un-observed in quiet moments in cool bars, shot through the window whilst you are not watching and thinking to yourself how lucky you are to be in this great city and living life in this moment. Caught in a whir of blur and the only thing in focus is your beautiful face.


Paris Film Noir are the pics I love to take in my sleep, in those quiet moments when my photography muse comes calling to me and images pop into my head that haven’t yet been made.


They come from a place of creativity, love and beauty and all they need is a muse! Maybe it’s you I am waiting for?


There is laughter and fun, sombre moments and candid shots, it’s the real you whoever you are.


Oh and there is much beauty, your beauty in the backdrop of the Paris we so love.


Black and white photography was my first love, I always had a roll of 3200 film in my pocket that created the grainy effect I so dearly loved. I adore shooting in low light, in dark places, life’s little moments captured on film forever and as the winter weather descends on Paris it’s what I am feeling in my heart.


Paris Film Noir is for the artist in you, the girl that wants to be captured on the streets, in the cafes, bars, courtyards of Paris like she has lived her whole life here, like you are part of the city and she is part of you. It’s not for business, it’s not for headshots, it’s just about you, me and photography and creating images that you want to hug and hang on the wall for all to see.


Details:  All images are in Black and White with a grainy effect


 Philosophy:  The photography is loose, there is interference in the foreground, it might be a chair, a poster or a pole. There will be reflection and mystery…


What you wear is really important and I always encourage people to have a ‘look’, something that will stand out in the photos and make for great memories and image making. Solid coloured clothes such as black or white create strong images. I love movement so clothes with movement can create magic and please feel free to bring fabulous accessories if you have them or pieces that are special to you. I would love to discuss your wardrobe pre-planning with you.

Having a professional hair and make-up artist makes the difference and can create a polished look in the images. They also give you that confident edge that shows in the photos. If you feel comfortable doing your own make-up and hair that is great too! If you would like to engage a professional to look after you on the day I will give you my personal favourites with whom I love to work and have the style and vision as I do.


-Carla’s pre-planning, preparation, time and talent during the shoot
-3-hour shoot
-Post-production of the images
-A hand-made linen folio box (acid-free) including 15 fine art prints on Hahnemuhle paper measuring 8 x 10 inches signed and dated (you choose which ones)
-Full set of the final edited high-resolution jpeg images on a USB from the shoot that you are welcome to use to reprint, create your own photo book or use in social media.
-Private online album of edited images from the shoot so you can make your final print selection.
-Taxi to the location from your hotel or apartment if shooting outside and coffee on the day


1900 Euros
(50 percent to be paid on booking to reserve the date and a further 50 percent to be paid on shoot day or prior)Price excludes TVA (Only French residents are required to pay TVA) NB: Doesn’t include location fees, hotel rooms or apartment or hair and make-up.



Shoots are normally booked up to 2 months in advance to be sure to secure your preferred date.

You can see my portfolio here and Paris Film Noir shoots here

 Contact me at to choose an ideal day that works for you.