Praise for Yes, Yes, Yes

I would never be here, sitting in my new home in Venice, writing this if it wasn’t for Carla! Her kind, inspiring, and most importantly, motivating way to look at life made me believe it was possible. I think over time if we don’t take action, life starts to feel smaller and smaller. Carla helped me see that this wasn’t inevitable. I just needed to take small steps each day to open up the world to me.

– Bridget Gleeson

Jaded, exhausted with no direction, I joined an extraordinary group of women and together we embarked on a life-changing journey. Today I have detoxed my brain, my home and my life. Daily I meditate, visualize, and create my life which is creative, constructive and joyful. I have updated my website, created my tours to Crete for this year and next year, pitched travel stories that have been accepted and found my tribe of wonderfully supportive creatives. I have softened, found my feminine side again, am in touch with my gut instinct and positive energy and have lost weight as I am eating and sleeping better than I have in years. I’ve learned to love myself again, had fun and I am happy.

– Francesca Muir

Towards the middle of the course, I felt as if I was literally creating new neural pathways. A sense of understanding that I had ended up in these situations in life, because of my thoughts and my programming, and understanding finally that if I re-program these negative thoughts, my reality will soon start to shift accordingly. It was a divine moment of understanding our own power and it turned absolutely everything around for me.

The Time module was so life changing, I am still blown away. As a single mother, time is of utmost value, and learning to actually focus myself and use the time I have, have made me feel on top of things. I read books, I meditate and visualise every morning, I workout every day, I am writing, and I am with my kids around 80% of the time. Time is really something that can be used to our advantage, despite being a single mum.

– Linda Karlsson

Six months ago, I was at a major crossroad. Twenty year marriage ended and after traveling for a year I moved to a new town to start a new job – Yes, Yes, Yes landed in my lap at just the right time. Carla has created a visually beautiful and inspiring course that helped me wipe the slate clean and gave me tools to clearly define what I want my life to look like. I feel inspired to live a creative, joyful and purposeful life!

– Tina King

Buckle up!
Be prepared to be brave, honest, vulnerable and to do the work.
Find your voice, listen attentively and trust it.
Distilled… this is what Yes, Yes, Yes means to me.

Starting ‘yes’ I was unsure of how to progress with photography. I’ve taken photographs since being a teenager and largely kept them to myself. It sounds simple enough and yet for me, this was deeply challenging because it meant overcoming self-doubt, perfectionism, fear, loathing and more blocks. Two of my photos are among the final group of 30 in the Maggie Diaz Photography Prize for Women 2019. I couldn’t have imagined this outcome when starting Yes! Yes! Yes! I am so grateful to Carla and the Yes Sisterhood.

– Sarah Vandermark
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Elisha Rickward, interior designer, sydney carla coulson yes yes yes

No longer just talk…. but action… I just hit publish on my website and it feels wonderful. Thanks Carla for the power of Yes, Yes, Yes… I definitely found my mojo in this group.

– Elisha Rickward

How Francesca said ‘YES’

How Linda said ‘YES’

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1:1 Coaching Success Stories

I had been running my writing and editing business the same way for 20 years, and it was not working for me. My website hadn’t been updated since 2006!

The result of working with Carla has been a complete transformation of my creative business and my understanding of both my skill-set and my unique offering to the world.

Carla worked generously to help me reframe my ‘brand’ (I never knew how a writer could even have a brand), craft a new online presence, design and create a beautiful new website that caters to my ideal market and niche, giving me more control on how my work sits in the global marketplace.

We had a lot of fun in our weekly coaching sessions, and the bonus was learning about visuals and photography in the process.

Carla is generous, fun, creative, inspiring, encouraging and professional. She finishes things (and made sure I finished things) and has a great ‘get-things-done’ attitude. Her understanding and encouragement were vital when I was freaking out about the necessary online ‘visibility’ I would need to embrace to bring my business into 2018.

– Louisa Deasey
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saskia wessling, photographer,

My dream was to get published and having an exhibition when I first started to work with Carla. One and a half years later I can proudly say my pictures are featured in the National Geographic traveller and in The South China Morning Post.

I hear you thinking…” and your exhibition’? That also happened! And it was successful, I can proudly say that many of my artworks are now hanging in people’s home. I am so proud of that.

Working together step by step with Carla made me overcome my fears and kept me going in the right direction. Every time I said “I don’t think I can”…Carla challenged that, dug deep into why I was fearful and that helped me to overcome hurdles that would have been hard to take all by myself.

As a creative you are often on your own. To be able to share your doubts and fears creates breathing space which makes room for creativity and have the clarity to move forward makes everything simple.

Carla stimulated my creativity whilst brainstorming and although she never pushes in a direction, after every session I feel energised and I have a great sense of where I am at and where to start from.

If you have a creative project you would love to realise I can highly recommend the process of working with Carla.

– Saskia

Carla Coulson is the real deal. She came into my life at a time of massive personal and professional growth and helped me keep my head throughout it all. She is the quintessential problem solver and continually reassured me with her steady ability to take care of it… no matter what ‘it’ was. I wholeheartedly recommend Carla and any resources she endorses.

– Cortney McDermott

My experience with Carla was way beyond my expectations. I had been searching for a coach when I saw Carla’s post announcing her new coaching sessions. I have followed her for years and really relate to her story. I knew she was the perfect person for me and would be able to relate to me and my business. I chose to complete her One Day Intensive course, in none other than both of our favorite places – Italia! It is a place very special to my heart so it meant a lot for me to meet her there and discuss my business. I loved that before the session I had a Skype call with Carla and she also had me complete worksheets to get to know me, my brand and what I wanted for my business. The actual session couldn’t have gone better and I liked that Carla focused on my “Why” and how that influenced my business decisions and plans. Her ideas and methods really helped me move forward in a BIG way so I walked away with a month by month plan and how to achieve that and I’m so grateful for her expertise and passion for what she does. I left there not only having gained a coach and champion, but also a friend. Graziemille Carla!!!

– Melissa S

There will always be a before and after Carla. Choosing Carla as a mentor has taken me out of the Doldrums. When we started working together, I was lost about who I was as a photographer. It wasn’t my best work that I was putting out there, just an emulation of what clients wanted, or so I thought.

Carla hasn’t only helped me to find my focus and my mission, she also helped me reach out to my ideal client, transform my income, re-design my portfolio, create tailor made packages for my clients, a marketing plan and boosted my confidence.

Her enthusiasm will lift you up when faced with tough situations; she won’t hesitate to kick your butt to do the work and guide you in the right direction, understanding your strengths and helping you in your weakest area. Carla gave me the confidence to lift my rates and I have just had my biggest sale ever of £2700… My life has changed so much since working with her!

– Rachel V

Your Dreams are Valid!

If you are 40, 50 or 60+, you are the perfect age to bring what you want into your life.

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