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When I Am Stuck This is What I Do

Photo Credit: Loc Boyle

Dearest Folks,

This is a quick little tip that you can apply to help you solve anything!

Often in life we get caught up with what we ‘should do’. This can apply to your photography such as “I should do this job” or “I should take these photos for my portfolio” or “I should become a wedding photographer because that’s where the money is.”

Our self-talk is powerful and it can convince us in mille seconds we are on the wrong path and just like that we have dropped our most passionate plans and we are doing what we think we ‘should do’.

This can happen to us in our relationships, with our creativity and even with our life paths.

I have one way of always getting back on track with what’s true for me and that is bringing it back to love.

Cause here’s the secret. If you love what you do you are a magnet that attracts the right people, the right work, the right life. If you are doing what is authentic to you which maybe taking the photos deep in your heart, or creating interiors you have always dreamed of or living a particular way you are excited, passionate and that energy transmits to the people who need your product, message or new sofa!

So whenever you are stuck, no matter what it is in life, ask yourself ‘what would make you happy?’ What would be your biggest creative (fill in the blank.. holiday, life, partner, book) dream.

Often this one little question will bring clarity and you will be back in love with what you do and the world will be as it should be!

Sending love




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Elizabeth Fraser
6 years ago

This piece of wisdom has been a timely reminder for me. I advise others to follow what makes their heart sing, but currently I’m not doing the same. I’ve been spending these last few weeks trying to decide whether it is time to resign from my professional career of 30+years. Clearly it is not making me happy, but unfortunately I’ve neglected my fledging passions when life presented some unexpected hurdles. The niggling question, “can I ever be good enough to follow my passions” is undermining my confidence to make a final decision. I have paralysis by analysis of all of the “what if” questions that are constantly buzzing around my head. Like many of your readers, I wish I had your courage. Bisous