Lightroom Presets

I am excited to share with you for the first time my favourite Lightroom presets.  I use these guys to get my distinct look on my black and white and colour images.

These presets are for folk who are familiar with Lightroom and know what it means to twiddle with the exposure, colour temperature, contrast and highlight to get your own unique look. These presets will give your images a distinct style depending on the lighting conditions you photographed them in and whether they were well exposed or not.

Paris café Portrait Collection is a collection of some of my favourite high contrast black and whites so you get an instant ‘Carla Coulson’ high fashion portrait look. They are inspired by my love for film photography, Paris, Italy, portraiture and the way I love black and white to look and feel.

All the black and white presets have grain to make sure your photos don’t feel empty and for folks like me that love a ‘grain storm’ I have snuck a ton into ‘Rock n Roll’.

Daily Juice Portrait Collection are my favourite portrait colour presets come without grain but I have added an option to add your own.

Each order comes with a guide on how to use your presets and some do’s and don’ts.