Time Workshop



Your relationship with time can keep you in a constant state of anxiety, your cortisol levels unnaturally high for extended periods and hitting the pillow at night completely exhausted. Yet your mind is still whirring with all the things that you had on the to-do list that you DIDN’T do.

I have created a workshop so you can start a whole new relationship with time and so that you can start putting into action the things you want to bring into your life TODAY.

I have gathered together 20 years of experience, cutting edge information for the world’s best mentors, books and resources to create a training that will transform the way you do time and life.


  • A new value system that will help you make better decisions and what to say YES to and what to say NO to.
  • How to stop prioritizing other people’s dreams and start prioritizing yours.
  • How to create boundaries and manage interruptions to protect your time
  • How to re-organise your day to GUARANTEE you get your things done and keep moving towards your future
  • How to change the way you do to-do lists that will revolutionize your decisions and progression towards what you want
  • Get organized with systems, structures and calendaring to protect your time and kiss goodbye ‘time anxiety’
  • Instructional video on how to set up your week in the most time efficient way no matter what you do.
  • Work out what you should let go of and how to get support in your home or business to make way for your big dreams
  • What tasks you can automate and how they will change your life
  • How to create a simple plan to start moving forward today!
  • How I gained 100 hours a month and tripled my income because of the very information in this time workshop.


Includes videos, worksheets, and books for further reading to make it simple and SUPER EFFECTIVE and a creative exercise to anchor in your learnings.


If you want to get out of your zone of competence or even excellence and get into your zone of genius, where you are you most creative and happy, you are going to love this workshop.