Carla Coulson on the beach in Sydney

Photo by Loc Boyle

In 2014 I was diagnosed with Graves Disease, Alopecia Areta and Lichen Sclerosus and this is my journey to healing my autoimmune naturally.

After a lot of research I decided to heal them naturally and many years have passed and all three of them have disappeared including my antibodies for my Thyroid.

I chronicled my story, tips, resources for all of those on a similar path and the posts are in chronological order from when I first was diagnosed. I include my blood results to show you the progress.

By no means should you stop anything you are doing, this is what worked for me and your biochemistry will be different but I do believe that we have the power through transforming the way we do things to heal our body, mind and spirit. These posts share the process of healing my autoimmune naturally.

Grateful for Graves

This post was written in January 2014,  a month after my diagnosis and the first steps I took to healing


An Auto-Immune Update

In March of 2014, a little update about my progress treating my 3 auto-immune conditions naturally.


The Power Of Food

In April of 2014 after 3 months on a natural food diet and introducing ways to lower my stress I had some amazing results


Auto-Immune, Going,Going, Almost Gone

After 9 months of being on a natural food results I am almost symptom free of the 3 auto-immune conditions that were affecting my health and life.