An Auto-Immune Update

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Thanks to everyone who has written to me and asked me to keep them posted on my progress treating my 3 auto-immune conditions naturally.

I have been wanting to share my latest results from December with you but raced off to Australia to teach a workshop and soak up the sun.

I have continued to eat the way I explained in this post here and live the same way but a couple of habits have crept back in like coffee. I love coffee and it’s been a hard one for me to let go of.

For the first 8 months I didn’t let a drop pass my lips but prior to Christmas and in Australia I was back to having a good coffee 3 or 4 times a week and in Oz almost everyday.

I also started to re-introduce grains such as rice and sarrasin (buckwheat) but in all honesty I feel better without them.

So here’s the score card from December..

Alopecia Areata – Gone, gone, gone.. All 3 bald spots have re-grown and I have a fabulous ‘horn’ sticking straight out of my head where the regrowth is so strong it just grows vertically. Francesco thinks I will soon ‘be growing hair on my back’..

Thyroid Values/Graves Disease – These values were ‘kicked to the kerb’, as my American friend loves to say back in August. All three thryoid values were back in range and have remained there and I have no symptoms at all. You can see the results here and how they changed from my first blood test.

Lichen Sclerosus – This was the trickiest Auto-immune to deal with but I have decided was the easiest way to measure my overall health. When I ate the wrong foods or stressed myself out it hurt like hell. Since early December my dear friend Lichen and I are on the very best of terms. I behave myself and so does he!! All lesions have healed and I have the occasional itchy attack when I eat too many food with oxalates in them.. You can read the details when I discovered what oxalates were back in May here and how I adopted a low oxalate diet.

TSH Antibodies – I started this adventure with TSH anti-bodies measuring 11.9 which I believe indicates the severity of Graves Disease. Over the past months every blood test the anti-bodies continue to drop as my body self heals. My latest test in December dropped again and mumma is getting closer to ‘zippo’. They are now at 3.22 and the antibodies need to be under 1.75 to be home free. This has been the progress..

TSH Antibodies – Dates and Blood Results – Under 1.75 to be in remission

23/12/2014 – 11.9

4/2/2014 – 7.54

22/4/2014 – 6.49

14/8/2014 – 4.86

18/12/2014 – 3.22

Francesco and I decided to do our own form of ‘lent’ this year. For forty days  he would try to give up coffee, wine and ciggies and I would go back to no coffee or grains.

There is another reason too, some of my little lovelies have started their own adventures with auto-immunes (not their choice) and I want to help them make this road easier. So just after Easter I am hoping to have my last blood test and kiss this chapter goodbye.. Fingers crossed!

In the meantime I will leave you with some lovely links especially if you are a mum and you are trying to find some healthy living alternatives for your children.

I love:

The Organic Sisters – Two lovely sisters with children who have had their own health issues and changed their diets. They share wonderful recipes with a simple list of ingredients that work. They also have e-books for lunch boxes and sugar free sweets

Mummamara’s Kitchen – This is a recent discovery through my dear friend Ath. Mara shares great recipes with a focus on family food. Great for kids..

Healy Eats Real –  I discovered Hannah Healy one day on Dr. Google when I was dying for a crunchy biscuit. I found this delicious recipe for Ginger Snap Cookies. I often use chestnut flour instead of the almond and coconut flour.

I Quit Sugar – The lovely Sarah Wilson has made it easy for all of us. There is every cookbook here for kids, adults, cooking in your slow cooker, smoothies and chocolate

Paleo Grubs – has an exhaustive range of meal ideas and you download this dessert E-Book for free

Pete Evans – has developed a ten week program with recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you can’t think of what to do with another root vegetable (aka us poor Northern Europeans in winter) check out his Paleoway

I have gathered all my auto-immune posts together so if you are too struggling with an AI you can read what I have been up to here

Wishing you the very best of good health and I will check back in after Easter.

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” Mahatma Ghandi


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Jodie Chin
Jodie Chin
9 years ago

Hi Carla,
I don’t know you, but feel like I do through your books, blog, the books of Vicki Archer etc.
Thank you so much for being so brave to share your journey, and I am so thrilled that all is going in the right
direction for you.

Corrina Tough
9 years ago

Dearest Carla, your journey has also become mine- so thanks for your sharing and support of me. After a very bad diagnosis in December from a professor in Sydney- Seronegative Rhumatoid arthritis and all the symptoms are many and varied as well as the bi-lateral sacrolitis, his prognosis long term- not good and a lifetime on immune supressant drugs. I decided to leave that and try what you have done- went Paleo just before xmas and started on Pete Evans Paleo Way activation program which is brilliant by the way and the articles and interviews we get would blow your mind! I have lost 10 kgs in 5 weeks (15kgs- since I started Paleo eating) I had already lost some weight prior to Paleo but this took me many months- total weight loss to date- 25kgs! Pain killers no more, hives no more unless I eat from nightshade family, migraines much less, pain remarkably less, arthritic symptoms -joints feel loose and flexible, I can sleep! More energy- do I need to go on! Still on a journey of recovery but I feel great! Thanks Carla xx

Heather in Arles
9 years ago

Wow, just reading Corrina’s comment gives me goosebumps! The power of the internet and wonderful women like yourself that are here to give and share the best of who you are…Merci, Carla. And thank you for the inspiration, always…

Margaret Hogan
9 years ago

Those TSH levels are impressive Carla. I’m going to check out Pete Evans work. Thx for the updates. Inspiring as always xx

Sophia Terra-Ziva
8 years ago

Hi Carla,
Hope my note finds you well. I am reading all your AI posts and so many thoughts are jumping through my mind. I remember clearly Chernobyl, the big St George’s Day rain with the radioactive cloud that came over Europe and poisoned crop and life stock. And how many of my friends actually felt the damage of it within 6 months… It was often tragic – sick children or birth defects. Europe got poisoned. It affected also my sister. She had to have an operation on one of her glands in the head which was accidentally discovered after unusual galactorrhea. We don’t talk much about it as she doesn’t like to bring it back.
I think I got away with nothing from the environmental pollution, but I caused myself lots of issues with going on the pill. The Mighty Liberating Pill. Ah, if I only knew… It stirred so many problems with my hormonal system, that I turned double what I used to weigh and now it takes so much effort to get back to healthy normal. Surprisingly, the weight didn’t prevent me to fall pregnant and go through amazingly light and easy pregnancies. However, I was in my late 30’s and early 40’s and the pregnancies coupled with big overweight provoked high blood pressure . Now I am taking my tablets for the rest of my life, as the doctor promised. I believe that my pregnancies were relatively easy and healthy because I was religiously taking a good quality wild Atlantic salmon oil. I also was following the advice from the book The Truth About Beauty from Kat James which I found very helpful. However, once my kids were out of my tummy, I didn’t bother for my health and wellbeing. It seems to me that I get to worry about my well-being only if that will affect somebody else. It is obvious for me to see it, but so hard to change it and turn it around. Honestly, I’ve been considering a hypnotherapy, just to help switch my brain on the right frequency; just to have more sensible self-loving and self-caring feeling.
Now I am making small steps to a fitter me, swimming three times a week, learning to meditate. I wonder how I’ll end up with the meditating thing – have you ever seen a peaceful Aries?!?!
Thank you so much for sharing your journey and sharing the places and books you are sourcing your recovery. I will go and visit the naturopath you mentioned in the first post. I really have to – the gravity of my excess weight is pulling me too much down. Now I am starting more and more to appreciate the traditional greeting we have in Bulgaria “Бъди жив и здрав!”, which literally means “Be alive and healthy!”
Much love and be alive and healthy. S.xoxo

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