Portrait Inspiration - Alexander McQueen - Carla Coulson
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Have you ever had one of those crazy moments in a shop when you fork out a months rent for a top or a pair of shoes?

I have, and it was an Alexander McQueen top that made me do it!

There I was years ago in Florence riding my bike on via Tornabuoni to my landlords place with a wad of cash tucked into my pocket. The cute buyer from Space waved me over. They were having a sale and he knew I was always in there stalking his racks and said he had the perfect thing for me.

And boy was it perfect for me.. Even at half-price it still cost a months rent of a small Florentine apartment. I agonised over the decision, walked around the block twice and went back and handed over the rent.

The shop assistant tucked a little piece of gossamer dreams into a beautiful bag and I swung it over my bike handlebars and rode off into the Florentine afternoo. The only hard part was telling my landlord what happened to his rent.

Alexander McQueen via Vogue

Alexander McQueen has remained one of my favourites and I was devastated by his death.

His successor Sarah Burton is doing beautiful work and If I was riding down a Florentine street with a months rent in my pocket I could probably have my arm twisted to part with it for a lace cape or one of those glamorous white shirts above..

I love the simplicity of these images, a little Frida Kahlo inspiration springs to mind.

Love live McQueen

“I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it.” Alexander McQueen