“Love is joy and pleasure. It is Eros – passion, attachment, desire even lust that makes us really alive.”

– Carol Pearson, Awakening the Heroes Within


In this special retreat on the island of Lesvos, four friends want to give you the greatest gift we can give you, that is to connect you to your passion. We want to inspire and guide you to find what brings you joy, connect you to your passion and the desire’s in your heart and to show you that everybody is creative (including you).


Long-time residents of Lesvos Claire Lloyd and Matthew Usmar Walkswithdogs offer an invitation to share their lives in a beautiful authentic Greek village where community is paramount.  They are opening their home, their hearts, the places they love and their creativity to give you a true insight into the reality of living creatively in every sense.


Together with my hubby, Francesco Cataldi the four of us combine our expertise as artists, photographers, creators of beautiful spaces, naturopath and life coach to help you uncover your deep desires, embrace them and how your passion and creativity can drive the next part of your life. The goal is JOY!


Passion is the ultimate connector to life, it connects us to the people around us, our creativity, to achieving how we want to live in life, to getting up and dancing, and most importantly it connects us to what’s in our hearts.



Passion makes you feel really, really alive. We are all potential geniuses if we find our true passion! 


One of the things that we are rarely told in life, is that we are creators. We may hear that we are creative but rarely that we are creators and our lives are a form of art and the best way to create them is with passion.


Most of us pass our lives NOT understanding what our true LIFE’S DESIRES are how to ignite that passion within us.


We invite you to slow down and switch off, do a stock-take on how far you have actually come and then to set sail in your new direction and consciously create the next part of your life through the glorious vehicle of art and awakening your six senses.


Each day will be a mix of focus sessions to inspire and motivate you, art lessons, healthy delicious local food, yoga or swimming, walks, boat trips and long table lunches in our favourite tavernas and at Claire and Matthew’s home. There will be breathing and grounding techniques to assist you to access your intuition and downtime to reflect on our discussions, about your path, practice your new found love of drawing and art. The evenings will be spent together around a table reflecting on the day, enjoying local food and the thing the Greeks do so well, Kephi (enjoying life in the moment). Oh, and did we mention there will be Greek dancing!


Yoga will be taught by an experienced yoga practitioner Marjaana Makela, who studied under Angela farmer, art lessons will be led by Matthew Usmar Walkswithdogs and other focus sessions will be shared between Claire Lloyd, Carla Coulson, and Francesco Cataldi.


It’s not about going faster, achieving things that no longer count, it’s about going slower, really hearing the words of a conversation or birdsong, feeling what your gut is truly saying, tasting food like it’s the first time you have ever eaten and being revived and refreshed by a dip in the Aegean’s transparent waters. It’s about putting pen to paper or trying your first painting and learning to cut through the noise to find out what you really want.


Claire Lloyd creator of nurturing spaces and photographer, artist Matthew Usmar Walkswithdogs, Naturopath Francesco Cataldi and photographer and life coach Carla Coulson, all know about changing their lives to continue to go after what is in their hearts. It’s their connection to joy, creativity and their true life’s desires that continue to drive and create the lives they wish for.


With the sound of church bells on an authentic Greek Island as the backdrop we want to chip away at the person you want to become and explore the idea of living creatively by tapping into your passion. We will show you how to bring creativity to your everyday life whether it’s doing a painting you a proud of, decorating a beautiful table for lunch in a unique way or opening up to an untapped source within you that allows you to access a new ‘language’ or way of expressing yourself. Michelangelo once said ‘Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.


Our wish is that you will be inspired, refreshed and revived and go home with passion in your heart for how good the next part of your life can be, a journal full of notes, an art book full of beauty, and unique travel memories to last a lifetime. You will know and believe you are creative, had the chance to sit front row in the lives of others, now a new tribe of creative souls and that you have the ability to create the life you desire.





CREATIVITY –You are born a creator! Creativity is not an exclusive club, you don’t need a badge or to be born into a special family. Creativity opens your heart to new experiences, people, relationships and self-esteem. It connects you to a passionate part of your soul with a feeling akin to love. All of us are creative souls and when we allow our creativity we get access to a part of ourselves that we have kept locked away. We encourage, inspire and challenge you to live a creative life and show you how and what is holding you back from living a more creative life.


YOUR LIFE’S DESIRES – Uncover and fine tune the desires in your heart and make them a big YES. We take stock of where you are in life, challenge you to think bigger and remember your dreams. We show you how to connect your desires to passion so that it will drive the next chapter of your life.


CONSCIOUS LIVING – We let you in on the secret that allows us to continually go after our dreams and make them our reality. It’s our thoughts and beliefs that hold us back from our dreams and we show you how you can transform them and start heading in the direction of your true desires. We show you how we tap into our intuition to make better life decisions and how to direct our energy.


WELLBEING – Our bodies are the temples that house our souls!!! When you connect your mind, body and spirit you embrace true well-being. Saying yes to a bigger life full of desires means embracing your health. When you nurture your well-being you empower your soul, confidence, and self-belief.  We touch on diet, exercise, breath, the nervous system, and the importance of self-care all with joy and a new way of looking at it. 


JOY – Imagine if you could get more of what you want in life by having more fun and joy! Hard work will get you so far but joy, beauty and pleasure will fast-track it. Joy is a state of being. When you feel joy, you are present, physically and emotionally.  When you tap into joy you are at one with yourself and source energy. We show you how to embrace, beauty, pleasure in your daily life to being you more joy.






Saturday 22nd June 2019

  • Dinner overlooking the beautiful Aegean sea



Sunday 23th June 2019


  • Start the morning with a walk to a local hillside chapel for a delicious picnic breakfast and an outdoor focus session on creativity and creating the life you want, followed by your first of many drawing/art lessons.
  • Lunch at a local tavern where we can continue the conversation and a swim
  • Free time to rest in the afternoon, draw, journal or reflect before a drink at Claire and Matthew’s lovely home followed by dinner in a local tavern.



Monday 24th June 2019


  • Start the morning with yoga by the sea and yummy breakfast in a local tavern. Our focus session on how to connect to your life’s desires will be conducted in an outdoor classroom close enough to have a swim in your break.
  • Excursion to visit one of Lesvos’s oldest monastery and sit down to a delicious long table lunch before heading to the beach for a swim.
  • Afternoon art lesson on painting landscapes taking advantage of the vast open landscape that is unique to Lesvos.
  • Delicious home-cooked dinner at Matthew’s and Claire’s prepared by a local lady in the beautiful ambience of their home.



Tuesday 25th June 2019


  • Local breakfast in Claire and Matthew’s garden courtyard before heading to our village classroom for our focus session on conscious living and changing your mindset and energy.
  • Lunch in a seaside tavern and afternoon swim.
  • Afternoon art/drawing/illustration
  • Excursion to beautiful ancient Molyvos and delicious seafood dinner by the port



Wednesday 26th June 2019


  • Morning yoga in village setting followed by Local breakfast in Claire and Matthew’s garden courtyard
  • Focus session on well-being, body, mind and spirit and how to use the powerful tools of food, gentle movement, grounding and breath to access your inner knowing and a greater well-being
  • Excursion: Lunch by the sea with an inspiring chat from a local Greek couple who packed up their lives for passion, to create a farm to table restaurant by the sea.
  • Boat trip to the beautiful Skamnia for an afternoon of swimming, art and dinner in a small fisherman’s port.



Thursday 27th June


  • Delicious village breakfast in Claire and Matthew’s garden courtyard followed by a focus session on why Joy is the ultimate goal of our lives and how to bring more beauty, and pleasure into your daily life.
  • Lunch at our favourite local seaside tavern
  • Afternoon art session after a relaxing swim and laze on the beach
  • Farewell dinner in an authentic village tavern with the locals and Greek Dancing!!



Friday 28th June


  • Local breakfast in village courtyard garden before our goodbyes
  • Departure to airport



Deposit: 2000 EURO  (non-refundable deposit) can be paid once you have registered below and a place has been confirmed. Payment can be made by Paypal or Credit Card.


With 1 additional payment due:

  • 1950 EURO – 15th February 2019 (non-refundable payment)



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Claire Lloyd aims to create beauty in everything she does whether it is cooking a meal, creating an interior or taking photos. Claire is a passionate creative who has worked as an art director on magazines such as Australian Vogue and the World of Interiors and is passionate about creating nurturing spaces. She has photographed and written two books Sensual Living and My Greek Island Home and worked as a freelance creative director for brands such as Jo Malone, Liberty, M&C Saatchi, Dulux, Connolly Leather, Joseph, Wild at Heart, The Dorchester Hotel, Next, Conran, Garrard Jewellers, and Harrods.


Matthew Usmar Walkswithdogs There is no art form that Matthew Usmar Walkswith dogs hasn’t mastered. For the first 20 years of his career, he worked at the Royal National Theatre painting backdrops, then as a freelance artist creating sets for magazines such as World of Interiors and Elle Decoration. Matthew has painted West End sets and backdrops for Andrew Lloyd Webber and Cameron Macintosh and travelled the world creating sets for The Rolling Stones and ACDC. He has also worked as a fine artist and his work is the British Government Art Collection and the Israel Contemporary Art Museum and is a master print maker.


Francesco Cataldi is an Italian born architect, naturopath, and energy healer. During his architectural studies, his curiosity for all things Mediterranean led him to complete a thesis on vernacular architecture. It was his fascination for the simplicity of these dwellings and sacred geometry that inspired him to complete a certification of the energy of the earth known as geomancy and how it affects our health. In a continued search for harmony between the body, energy and environment he graduated in 2018 as a naturopath and is a member of FENA, the French federation of naturopathy in France. He lives and works in Paris.


Carla Coulson is a photographer, author, and creative coach who is deeply passionate about all things creative and how it can enhance our lives. She has published 8 photographic books with Penguin Australia of which she wrote and photographed 3 and her work has been published in Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Gourmet Traveller, and Vogue Living. Carla came to creativity late in life at the age of 35 and her mission is to show others that creativity is for everyone and everyone is creative if you dare to try.  She teaches workshops Internationally.