Italian Joy was my first and book and still takes up a huge chunk of my heart. It’s my story about leaving my Sydney life, a successful business, moving to Italy to go chase something I loved, photography and what can happen if you dare to dream.




Here’s what the publisher said :


Carla Coulson had it all, or so everyone told her – a glamorous inner-city apartment, a successful business and a designer wardrobe. One lonely Christmas Eve, however, she realised what was missing: excitement, work she was passionate about and, most of all, love. So, Carla packed up her life and boarded a plane.


Italy was her first port of call and became her true destination. With a camera and nothing to lose, she found herself immersed in Florence, tasting the food, learning the language, meeting the people, discovering a new career and country – and photographing her new life.

Carla’s evocative text and rich photographs bring alive the laughter, warmth and passion of Italy. We meet the people who have embraced her; we see the streets, bars, churches and markets that have enchanted her; and we feel her gioia (joy).


Just as Carla’s Paris Tango unveiled the hidden delights of the world’s most stylish city.  Italian Joy is an insider’s tribute to a country of grand passion and true beauty.