Calling the creative woman who wants to take her beautiful creative business and fast track it to a vibrant and exciting place that gets the results you want!

If you have done the work, have your creativity ready, and your business doors open but something’s not working, maybe all you need is to unlock the missing pieces.


“Working with Carla has literally changed my life! She made me feel seen. She helped me realise I can do life my way! This is no cookie-cutter approach, you don’t need to fit into someone else’s idea of success. That is the beauty of having a masterful and intuitive mentor like Carla. She took my hand to support me in finding my path. To seeing myself. To defining my dreams and bringing them to life.

We had our sessions toward the end of the year. That time is usually a wasteland of winding down and people pleasing for me. Well, Carla supported, encouraged, and inspired me so much that in the last 6 weeks of the year, I created more than I had in the whole year!

Tasks that I had procrastinated about for two years suddenly became easy when swept up in the momentum of intentional action that we created. I had already built my online shop for selling my art prints but resisted adding my latest 2 series of work to it. I had created a lot of artwork but had not promoted it in any way. Now I am on the way to fulfilling my dreams.”


  • Had a clear vision of how I wanted my creative life to look
  • Booked a solo exhibition
  • Tweaked my online shop and sold my art to complete strangers across the world!!
  • Made over $1700 in 2 weeks
  • Found contract work with an amazing arts organisation that will give me a base income of thousands each month which will give me a great sense of contribution and community (something we worked out that I was missing)
  • Posted on Instagram regularly (something I had been avoiding all year)
  • Got many works framed and photographed
  • I have prints, cards, and original artworks stocked in several boutiques
  • Made my first run of fabrics made into tea towels that sold out!
  • Did my first Market stall and sold art, cards, and tea towels
  • Started two new series of art
  • Reconnected with friends I hadn’t seen in years
  • Made amazing new connections
  • Felt proud of myself
  • Felt I could trust and rely on myself to do what I set out to do
  • Uncovered unhelpful money beliefs
  • Busted through so many barriers in such a short time, it’s amazing!

If you feel like you are going around in circles, not sure of your daily, weekly, or monthly direction and you would like to set your course to a place that excites you and hit the accelerator…

If you are ready to bring to life the vision for your creative business and allow yourself the gift of doing it in a way that supports your talent, time, and lifestyle, I would love to assist you in making it happen.

In this one-on-one private coaching program, I tailor our sessions to your specific needs to ensure your creative business success.


  • You have started a creative business and need to troubleshoot why it’s not working
  • You have everything in place to take the leap but something is holding you back from taking action or moving to the next level
  • You are posting on social media but nothing seems to stick or you can’t grow your community
  • You don’t know how to get the right help or build the right team
  • You aren’t attracting the ideal client or any clients at all
  • You want to build a business around your personality and not a business model
  • You want to have a clear vision of how your dream creative life and business can look and allow yourself to go after it
  • You need practical solutions, systems, and a framework that will support your personality to get things done
  • You want to take your creativity to the next level
  • You want to leave your money worries behind and transform this area of your life for good


  • Connect to your true desires and where you want to go, and have a clear and exciting vision of your creative business and life
  • Create a framework that drives you daily, weekly, and monthly and ensures you have time for your creativity
  • Identify beliefs, blocks, and patterns that are holding you back and how to transform them using the PSYCH-K® Technique
  • Create sales offers and promotions that are aligned with the way you do life
  • Learn how to work with energy and use it to achieve your success
  • Discover the power of creativity and how it can transform your life
  • Delve into your money story and wealth consciousness and how it is showing up in your life, and learn your Sacred Money Archetype™
  • Build new habits that will support your journey


  • 1 two-hour Intensive Initial Coaching Session as a complete stocktake on your business and the important areas that need attention
  • 11 x 1.5-hour succeeding one-on-one coaching sessions with Carla Coulson tailored to your specific needs and requirements
  • Follow-up weekly plan
  • Carla’s knowledge, experience, and training in systems, sales, and marketing, and running a creative business for the past 37 years
  • Feedback on all aspects of your business
  • Email access during the week
  • Recorded video sessions
  • Personalised coaching tools and techniques to create lasting transformation




    If you would like my personal guidance to create a life you love, email us at


“Working with Carla Coulson as my creative business coach has been a game-changer. In just ten weeks, she guided me through a transformational journey that propelled my health coaching business forward in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

Carla’s belief in me was unwavering, and her unique approach to coaching – combining belief work and practical strategies – helped me overcome barriers and unleash my full potential. From our first meeting, Carla tailored our sessions to my specific needs, ensuring that every step aligned with my business goals and vision.

Carla’s coaching was extremely helpful. She assisted me in identifying and changing limiting beliefs and patterns obstructing my progress. This allowed me to let go of old doubts and fears and adopt a confident and abundant mindset. Carla also provided practical solutions and systems that streamlined my business operations and helped me attract my ideal clients. Her guidance was invaluable throughout the process – from creating two new programs to refining my scheduling and social media strategy.

Her commitment to holding me accountable and keeping me focused on my goals sets Carla apart. Her encouragement and guidance pushed me to take action and stay committed to my vision, even when faced with challenges.

Carla Coulson’s coaching program was incredibly valuable for me. Her guidance and support helped me attract ideal clients and earn back the investment through new clients. I developed a clear understanding of the direction of my coaching business, and I felt empowered to make it a reality. I highly recommend her program to anyone looking to elevate their creative business.”