Paris Film Noir Shoot – Ibiza Girl

Paris Film Noir Shoot – Ibiza Girl

Dear Friends,

You know it’s your lucky day when a gal like this beauty walks in the door.

The beautiful Linda Karlsson and I share a common love for Puglia, the lifestyle, the architecture, the people and the scrumptious beautiful food. And not to mention that she lives in paradise, on the beautiful Ibiza.

Gosh, there is so much to talk about we almost forgot to shoot! Like her heavenly villa on Ibiza that she rents out as a  sanctuary so folks can escape to enjoy island life for a while in the prettiest setting, she has created. The sanctuary also hosts regular yoga retreats so if you love yoga you might like to check out the schedule and get super excited about booking a ticket to Ibiza.

She was a dreamboat to photograph, all I had to do was frame and shoot!

Hugest thanks to the wonderful Linda for sharing her beauty with us and the generosity for allowing me to share this shoot.

You can follow her on Instagram here.

Love and light,

Carla x

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