Once Upon A Time In Italy

Once Upon A Time In Italy

All Photos Copyright Carla Coulson


Once upon a time In Italy,  three little girls (well not so little, on their way to forty) sat around a table in a lovely trattoria in Florence. It was a winter’s night.

One was Italian, one was Swiss and the other was Australian. The Italian was a shoe designer (what else?), the Swiss was an interior decorator and the Australian was on her way to a new life.

They sat around that table with plates of delicious food, wonderful wine and a beautiful friendship. They talked about Italy, food, life, happiness and love.

The Italian, who was always on a plane to a shoe factory somewhere in the world recounted stories of eyes-meeting with gorgeous guys in airports on trains, planes and in metros but still remained mystified why love hadn’t come her way. For once the Australian wasn’t so worried about love she had recently fallen in love with photography. The Swiss, as beautiful as Lady Diana sat quietly as she does, a couple of beautiful shakes of her head  but not wanting to draw attention to herself she said nothing.

No-one deserved love more than her. Generous, kind and affectionate she always put everyone before herself and was the greatest friend a girl could have.

Many years passed in between and they always managed to meet in that lovely trattoria in Florence. Then one day the Swiss and the Australian received a call that not in an airport, a train or on a metro but in the Italian embassy in New York the Italian met the love of her life. She married on a beach in Mexico not long after her 40th birthday and within 3 years had two beautiful little girls.

The Australian too met the love of her life and was married in Paris in a leopard skin hat!  And just a couple of days ago in Geneva on a spectacular day only the love-gods could dream up,  the beautiful Swiss married the man who had been searching for her all his life..

And there was no-one as happy as the Australian and the Italian to share this incredible moment. They laughed about those dinners in Florence and rejoiced in finding love and one of the greatest gifts of all, friendship.

Auguri ancora bella mia...

Carla x

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