Medieval Maiden – Private Portrait Shoot

Medieval Maiden – Private Portrait Shoot

I had the utmost joy to photograph the beautiful Erica in this recent Paris Film Noir shoot.

Now I love a challenge as much as anyone and this beautiful gal studied medieval tapestry and wanted to use the medieval as a creative starting point for her shoot.

To be quite honest, medieval Paris is not exactly my forté but what a great opportunity to get to know and to be inspired by a new world, idea, and her individual story.

And what a dream it was to photograph the beautiful, joyous, creative energy of this girl that was was made for the camera.

We went through the gamut from Game of Thrones to the ultimate Parisian girl and no matter what she did she was fabulous.

I skipped home that day, so very happy with the world, the chance to express a little more of what is bubbling up creatively inside of me and to have had one of the most divine mornings in Paris with my crew and Erica.

Huge thanks to Erica for allowing me to share these photos…

Light and love,

Carla x

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