Me Bertday Prezent from La Contessa — Avedon Blog

Me Bertday Prezent from La Contessa — Avedon Blog

Itz Avedon here again (FM az given me ze blog again)

I gotta prezent in ze post for me bertday from a spicy lady called La Contessa. I really like ze Contessa cause she has a hen house and lurves ze drama and ze beautiful tings.

When I woke up tree days after me bertday, a package wit me name on it was next to me ‘croquettes’. FM and FD let me open on me own and I love to smell ze package for 5 minutes before I rip in open wiz me teeth.

Ze Contessa sent me a feather boa (I am saving now to go to see her at ze hen house). Zis Contessa lady knows me from afar and how much I love ze feathers…I really love ze feathers.

I really love ze feathers and zis new feather is very long and good to bite and wrestle.

Ze Contessa sent anozer surprise (she really loves me ze Contessa) and it has me painted on ze bowl. Everytime I eat ze croquettes I tink of Ze Contessa..Shez a really nice lady.

I also really love ze boxes, zis is the prettiest box I ave ever seen (I just can’t get me whole body in zis box).

Sometimez life is just too good, de present made me bertday de best day of me life (instead of second best day). .First bestday before me present was when i caught a real mousie..

I luv ze Contessa...



“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.”

— Oscar Wilde


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