Dear Mum, Happy Mother's Day

Dear Mum, Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day, beautiful ladies.

I write these words to my Mother but I am also writing to all the Mothers and women that make the world a better place:

Dear Mum,

The past years have been years of intense emotion losing Dad.

I know one day you will no longer be with us and I can’t write these words without tears rolling down my face and ugly crying that hits the next level.

I write these words because words stay with us. They are on page. You can read them over and over again and I want to be able to show my profound appreciation, pride, and love for the woman you are today.

My life has been so great because of you. I thank the miracle that in the tiny probability of it happening, I got to be your daughter.

I am proud of the love and care you have always shown us and the effort as the true old-fashioned ‘matriarch’ of our family that you have worked tirelessly for all the generations to stay together, to love and care for each other and understand the importance of family.

Most of all,  I am proud of the woman you became after we lost Dad. You were always great but in the past years, you have become someone I hold in awe.

The way you dance between this earthly plane with your feet firmly planted on the ground and the spiritual one which gives you (and me) so much faith, trust, and hope in this world we cannot see.

The way you bring Dad into our daily lives, he is never excluded or forgotten simply on another plane, and the peace that gives you and us that we all can talk about this man we love so much as though he is still with us in the room.

I love that you know and trust that you have work still to do here and you live every day with purpose and passion.

The cherry on the cake for me is the honesty I can share with you at this stage in our lives. It makes me feel light, filled with love and honour that a woman in her eighties is willing to learn to do things differently. Be open to change, to see things you may have always seen but be willing to see them in a new light.

I am sure there are dull days and sad days but you are a poster girl of positivity of how to do life after losing someone you love. You have shown me that Mothering is a sacred art and it’s the tireless work that Mothers do that makes the world a better place.


I love you and Happy Mother’s Day.

Carla x

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