Consciousness and My Camera

Consciousness and My Camera

Dear Folks,

There is a lot of talk about consciousness and meditation and for many gals and guys, it can feel really frustrating at first to sit down and try and empty your mind of to-do lists and thoughts.

I remember when I first started trying to meditate, it felt like the impossible dream, sheez, there was just so many thoughts running around my mind and so much to do!!

Ha ha, the whole point of meditation is to get calm so things become clearer and you make better decisions, you connect to more of your inner knowing, so the decisions you do make are the right ones for you. One of the end games is to connect to your heart.

I have worked out there are many ways to get to this lovely state of being in the now, slowing down and taking notice of life but the most fun for me has been using my camera (or iPhone).

The simple process of wandering around a town, village, or beach, looking closely at life, observing, framing, clicking and being fully in the moment, waiting for life to choreograph itself in an enjoyable way, is possibly the most pleasurable for me.

I have realised when I have a camera in my hand or a person in front of me I’m about to photograph that I am really looking, feeling, seeing, and listening. I am 100% percent in the now, almost like a delicious version of tunnel vision that focuses me in that moment on what has caught my attention.

My camera gives me two other lovely kickbacks, something akin to repeating ‘gratitude’ and ‘pleasure’ mantras. I will be walking around Paris on a day and see something pretty and want to photograph it, I stop, my brain recognizes beauty, I frame it and I get a little love rush for that small beauty that has just captured my attention. It might be an arrangement of shapes or beautiful colour palette, something funny or unexpected, nothing of great artistic importance but these little ‘love bites’ feed my creative soul, give beauty where minutes earlier there was none.

What the camera does for me is allow me to fully enjoy and experience life in the moment, so dear friends, if you are finding it hard to meditate, try wandering around with a camera and let pleasure lead you to what your heart and eye find interesting. It may just one day take you by the hand and lead you to you!!!

Love and snaps,

Carla x

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