3 Promises I Kept To Myself This Year

3 Promises I Kept To Myself This Year

Dear Fellow Creatives,

I hope you are having a wonderful start to 2024.

I wanted to share with you a little reflection I had the other day about the promises we make to ourselves and what we do instead.

Change can be easy in some areas of our life and difficult in others.

When I lived in Paris, each year I would promise myself that I would dance more often.

What I found was I didn’t.

This desire never came to life and I would just add it to the bucket list for the following year.


This year in a new life I have created in a small village, I danced and still dance every week. It’s amidst a lot of confusion and things lost in translation of the Greek language and a new life but each Friday I dance. I dance to songs unfamiliar to me, to music that touches a part of my heart, and with a wonderful group of women that make you feel welcome. 

We laugh a lot, we hold hands and dance together sometimes like women have since the beginning of time. Sometimes they sing, a deep, beautiful mournful song that reaches into the unseen places of your spirit and transports you to another lifetime of women, ancestors dancing the same dances and simply being together. I’ve learnt that the pause in the dance step is where the magic happens.


Another promise I am proud to have kept is to give my creativity time and not push it to a deadline. Let the work be right and ready to be shown when it’s ready!

Well, I can honestly say I kept this promise, I have worked on a project for more than three years, I have almost quit numerous times, I have looked at it, parked it, started it over not once but twice, and sat with the words and thoughts of what I really want to say about each image.

Sitting in the creative process without reaching the end quickly can feel extremely uncomfortable and may I say unnerving. It touches a part of us that requires trust and faith and to sit in the feminine energy of vulnerability. I sat through this, I didn’t walk away, and out the other side can something I am so honoured to have created. (Coming soon!!)


As a Libran I am always searching for the balance in life, love and creativity.

It has always been a work in progress because of the sheer love and passion for what I do.

I would tend to put more energy into work than in other areas of life.

This year I found a balance, not only did I literally stop to smell the roses, I grew them. I spend hours each day in my garden, watch Amish television (my fire), and allow myself to enjoy the miracles that are the small things in life, like the fire coming alive and watching it closely through all its stages of burning, knowing I am witnessing a miracle.

I swam in the sea and closed my eyes and let the sun warm my skin and feel the heat of the sand beneath me.  And I still had enough time to work with women to create their own beautiful creative projects and lives.

Somewhere in all of the above is a truckload of inner joy, happiness, sharing, self esteem, and pride in keeping my word to myself.


One of my greatest joys has also been watching other women keep their word to themselves and bring to life their creative projects, business, and lives.

I have one spot available in my one-on-one coaching program for the coming months for a beautiful creative woman who has promised herself for a long time certain things and would now like to bring them to life.



Love and light,

Carla x

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