The King’s (Avedon) Message

avedon cat, carla coulson

 King Avedon Copyright Carla Coulson

Ze Carla az kindly let me have ze blog to tell you a little about ze New Year in Paris.

Ze Paris iz always a good idea but last year it waz extra good. We had ze sun, yes ze sun waz shining in ze Paris a lot more zhan I am used to so zhat meant more of ze bistro lunches on ze terrace, more lying on ze floor warming ze heart and ze fur on ze tummy and ze sleeping it comes very eazy with ze sun.

When you are born in ze Paris like me you appreciate many of ze French tings.

Like we like ze talking in ze low voice (I even purr quietly), we like ze fine things (ze duck and ze foie gras) and zhose chocolates like ze new man in me building makes (Pierre Herme). When we go to ze café we sit at ze tables zhat are really close together but we never look ze cat next to us in ze eye. And ze waiter when he wants to ignore us he never looks us in ze eye. Looking in ze eyes is big code in Paris. If you come to Paris and no one looks you in ze eye it just means zhey aren’t ready to serve you. Parisian catz know zis isn’t ze rude way it’s just ze French code.

If you haven’t been to ze Paris you will see on the streets ze poulet roti (roast chicken) and zhey drive me wild and me dreams are filled with zhose little terrines of ze piggy and ze livers. I have ze dream of being a vegetarian zhen I take ze walk through ze Marais and see the golden poulet going around and around in ze machine and me little head starts to spin and I want to attack ze whole machine and take zhem all home to eat. Grrr.. and me plans of being a vegetarian are spoiled for anozer time.

Ze Marais is really having ze shaking up lately. More of ze fine tings in ze pretty shops are here like le ze candles of ze Cire Trudon who have moved onto me street (I swear zhey have the poulet roti candle I can smell it in me dreams) and de chocolate man Mr. Pierre Herme haz ze pretty shop in our building. He makes ze macarons with ze strange flavours zhat us Parisian cats like, foie gras (what waz he tinking) and ze truffle.

In ze summer when it’s not freezing me paws off I go down in ze morning to say hello at ze window and see ze lovely macarons and ze chocolates. I give them me ‘starving Paris cat face’ in ze hope zay may bring a little something to ze door with ze foie gras in it. No chocolate pleaze.

I am a king cat (zhat means I am ze boss around here) and someone needs to rule zees two ozerwise I wouldn’t get the best tucker and me bed wouldn’t be made of cashmere and me dinner wouldn’t be 3 courses. I give zhem ze shaking up when zhey get a little lazy and do the relaxing a little too much.

In me next life I am going to be a pirate and sail ze seas with ze other cats and we we will go to ze places with ze sun, ze Bahamas, ze Greece and ze Morocco where you find ze curvy girls catz. Did I mention I love ze sun? Sometimes I need to push the poulet roti over in me dreams to make space to dream about ze sun. Ze perfect life I tink would be hugging a poulet roti in ze sun maybe in ze Greece with ze curvy girl cats nearby.

I know youze will have a good year zhis year and I know youze love ze travel like ze furless mummy. We have a lot in common. Ze FM and I we both dream of ze sunny places lying on ze beach on ze stripey beach bed, me with ze poulet roti and FM with ze camera.

I know ze 2015 is going to be ze best year of your life. Us Parisian catz we do ze meditating, we tink a lot about what we want in ze life (you know we have many) and zhen we close our eyes, hold our paws together and say ‘puuuuurrrrrrrrrr’ and what we want comes true.

Itz ze same for you. If you want a poulet roti or to be a photographer like FM you just need to meditate on it, close your eyes, believe you catz can do it oh and zhen work very hard to make it happen.

Ze important ting is to believe in your dreams (even if they are dominated by poulet roti). Ze dreams are ze little messages to us catz and zhey are important especially when you live in ze Paris.

I know zhis because I have had ze many lives. Every life I believe in me dreams and zhey come true and ze same can happen for you catz.

So if your dreams for 2015 have ze Paris in zhem please come to see ze Marais with ze shaking up and when you are walking down ze street one day you might see me looking in ze window of ze Pierre Herme. You will recognize me cause I am ze spicy one.

Peace, love and light (and poulet roti) from your favourite Parisian cat

Happy 2015..

“Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe.” Voltaire


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Christmas In Paris

Paris Christmas, Carla Coulson, Dior, Avenue Montaigne, Fine art travel photography, Carla Coulson

All Photos copyright Carla Coulson

I wanted to share a little of the atmosphere of Paris as we lead up to Christmas.

It’s been a long time since I have had the luxury of spending Christmas with Francesco and this year it will be just the three of us (Avedon in his bow tie) in Paris before I jump on a plane to Australia.

I have loved this year, it’s been a great of year of learning in many ways for me, finally putting some things into practice that I have promised myself my whole life (like slowing down) and always believing.

Paris Christmas, christmas lights, fine art travel photography, carla coulson, avenue montaigne, dior,

Deep down inside I have always known to believe is one of the most important things we can have. If you believe in something, in yourself, your projects, your future and in others, your beliefs will become your reality. This year has shown me that more than any other year in regards to my health. I always knew mother nature could offer us a great alternative and she did!

I wish we were all in the same room so I could give you a giant hug, that’s how i feel like wrapping us this year. Sharing the love and friendship you have offered throughout the years and now more than anytime I  know it’s people, relationships, sharing and love that makes the world a special place to live in.

Plaza athenee, paris christmas, avenue montaigne, fine art travel photography, carla coulson, departure lounge

So here it is a GIANNNNNNTTTTT HUGGGGGG across the oceans from me.. May your Chistmas and holidays be serene and filled with belief in yourself, your future and in 2015.

Don’t give up on your dreams, sometimes things take longer than we expect but just remember to do the best you can today and if you do that everyday, today will take you to your future.

avenue montaigne, paris christmas, carla coulson, fine art travel photography, carla coulson

paris christmas, christmas lights, carla coulson, fine art travel photography, departure lounge, carla coulson, avenue montaigne, eiffel tower

paris christmas lights, rue rambuteau, carla coulson, le marais, fine art travel photography, departure lounge,

paris christmas lights, carla coulson, fine art travel photography, departure lounge, avenue montaigne

All Photos copyright Carla Coulson

Stay tuned for The “King’s” (King Avedon) message next week.

Endless thanks and love..

“Work hard for what you want because it won’t come to you without a fight. You have to be strong and courageous and know that you can do anything you put your mind to. If somebody puts you down or criticizes you, just keep on believing in yourself and turn it into something positive.” Leah LaBelle


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Mini Italian Joy

italian joy, carla coulson, lantern books, italy, escape to italy, starting over in italy, photography, photographer,

‘There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning”. Louis L’Amour (from Italian Joy)

It’s such a beautiful thing to have a book published, it’s the most extraordinary feeling to have your story wrapped between two covers. It’s even better when you slowly find out other people love it.

I have officially been part of 8 books (photographed and written 3 and photographed 5 others) and I have loved working beside such incredibly talented people.

But there is nothing like your first book, in my case it was my story about leaving my life, chasing a simpler life, finding Italy, photography and love. It was story it seemed that resonated with many people around the world who too were looking for a life with more meaning. And many slowly made their way into my life.

Italian Joy was first published in 2005 and this year it has been re-published in a smaller, soft cover version and it’s adorable. I want to tuck it into my handbag and carry it with me!

It’s a story many generations can relate to, a common story that in a funny way has no time or era, it’s just about living life the way you thought you wanted to live it and finding emotions and happiness you never thought possible.

If you have someone in your family who has itchy feet, not sure where they are going or loves Italy they may just love the “mini me’ version of Italian Joy. Oh and the great news it’s only $31.95!!

You can find it online here or in all good bookstores in Australia.

The lovely Jilly Bennett just sent me a note to say most of my books are available in the Uk via The Book Depository

Wishing you a fabulous Christmas and holiday season.






PS> I would love you to tell your friends x

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Made In Italy


made in italy, silvia colloca, italian cookbook, carla coulson,

Photography Carla Coulson

I love books! I love photographing them, reading them, I adore the paper they are printed on and holding one in my hands. I particular love one that I have photographed!!

It was with great pleasure I received a copy of the gorgeous Silvia Colloca’s ‘Made In Italy’. I was lucky enough to travel to Italy last year with Silvia and our fabulous publisher Julie Gibbs to photograph the Italian location photos. What a treat, travel photography of Italy and shooting  portraits of beautiful Silvia rolled together with Chris Chen’s stunning food photography!

sourdough bread, carla coulson, made in italy, silvia colloca, italian door, italian cookbook

Photography Carla Coulson

made in italy, silvia colloca, abruzzo, italian cookbook, carla coulson,

Photography Carla Coulson

Many talented people worked on this cook book including food photographer Chris Chen and designer Evi O.

In ‘Made In Italy’, Silvia returns to her mother’s region of Italy Abruzzo to discover recipes through family and friends. She shares 80 recipes from Abruzzo, Molise and Le Marche.

carla coulson, made in italy, silvia colloca, italian cookbook, lantern australia

Photography Carla Coulson

If you are in Australia Silvia is hosting a beautiful television series of the same name and you can have a little glimpse here

molise, carla coulson, made in italy, silvia colloca, italian cookbook, abruzzo,

Photography Carla Coulson

carla coulson, molise, made in italy, silvia colloca, abruzzo, italian cookbook

 Photography Carla Coulson

silvia colloca, miriam, carla coulson, made in italy, black and white photography, italian cookbook, lantern australia

Photography Carla Coulson

chris chen, carla coulson, evi o, lantern australia, made in italy, silvia colloca

Food photography by Chris Chen

made in italy, silvia colloca, carla coulson, chris chen, italian cookbook, abruzzo

Food photography by Chris Chen and location photography Carla Coulson

abruzzo, carla coulson, made in italy, silvia colloca, italian cookbook

Photography Carla Coulson

chris chen, made in italy, silvia colloca, abruzzo, italian cookbook, lantern australia Food photography Chris Chen

Huge congratulations to Silvia for sharing part of her country, stories and recipes with us. If you love Italy and food you might like to put Made in Italy under your Christmas tree. You can buy it online here. Unfortunately for our International friends currently only available in Australia.

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” George Bernard Shaw


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Unwrap Your Christmas Gift From Me Early This Year


fine art travel photography, fine art paris photography, photography paris fine art, carla coulson, paris travel photography You guys are the best,

You have joined me on a year of health ups and downs and supported me in every way. It’s a been a great year to learn something about myself and good health and thanks for sharing your advice, tips and comments, it is so appreciated.

You have generously participated on a daily basis here, on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram and it means a lot.

paris fine art photography, carla coulson, fine art travel photography, paris black and white photography, paris snow, paris winter, paris dreamy


Place des Vosges Snow Copyright Carla Coulson for Departure Lounge

I want to give back, to say thanks for being there and I know many of you have been following along since Italian Joy was published in 2005, that’s a lot of years!

To celebrate your generosity I am giving away a print of the same size with every purchase from my print shop Departure Lounge. There are over 100 images of Paris, Italy, Australia, black and white and colour and some of my favourites. There are summer and winter, cats and dogs and places we would love to go but may never get to. Prices start at 24,78 Euro.

Here’s How To Do It.

1. Simply pick the two prints you would like here

2. Purchase ONE either regular or fine art paper. Then in the notes section after your purchase, copy and paste the link of the 2nd print you would like as a gift from me (it will automatically come in the same size and same paper) and I will send both of them to you at the same address for the price of just one print..(please note this offer only applies shipping to one address)

3. Offer valid only till 1st December 2014 9pm Paris time and then it will be gone forever.

4. Christmas shopping done in one click!

These are are just some of prints available.. loads more here.



amalfi coast, carla coulson, beach from above, position

Amalfi Coast Copyright Carla Coulson for Departure Lounge

paris seine, paris photography, carla coulson, morning light paris

Peniche along the river Seine Paris Copyright Carla Coulson for Departure Lounge

paris snow, paris photography, black and white, carla coulson, departure lounge

Paris Snow Copyright Carla Coulson for Departure Lounge


Pont Neuf Paris in fog Copyright Carla Coulson for Departure Lounge

sifnos greece, carla coulson, greek islands, greece photography

Sifnos Greece Copyright Carla Coulson for Departure Lounge

polignano a mare, carla coulson, fine art print italy, italy photography, beach, fishing boats italy

 San Vito Polignano A Mare Copyright Carla Coulson for Departure Lounge

cat italy, carla coulson, black and white photography, martina franca

Fabulous Cat Martina Franca Copyright Carla Coulson for Departure Lounge

cattle dog australia, carla coulson, dog jumping, black and white photography, mudgee

Australian cattle dog Copyright Carla Coulson for Departure Lounge

martina franca, italian village, italy, italy photography, carla coulson

Martina Franca Copyright Carla Coulson for Departure Lounge

door martina franca, carla coulson, baroque italy, puglia, carla coulson, departure lounge

All Photos Copyright Carla Coulson for Departure Lounge

I hope this helps to make your Christmas shopping easy!

“Traveling is the ruin of all happiness! There’s no looking at a building after seeing Italy.” Fanny Burney


Please share the travel love x

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