Your Imagination Is Your Superpower

Carla Coulson, your imagination is your superpower, if you can imagine it, you can become it, creative coach, say yes

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Gorgeous Folks,

I felt excited to write today to encourage you to use your imagination more often and more freely.

This glorious tool is one we under use and this natural ability we all have is one of our super powers if we chose to use it.

Here’s the good news, everyone can access theirs, it’s free, vivid and can be tapped into on any boring, dull day. Most imaginations can remember scents and sounds, feelings and colours and before you know it you are on a gondola in Venice going under the Rialto bridge with the smell of salt water in the air and a piano accordion serenading you.

No matter where you are reading this, it could be from jail (send me a note if you are), in between business meetings or in place you would prefer not to be, your imagination can instantly take you somewhere else. You get to choose. Would you prefer to be on a beach, listening to piano music or about to meet the love of your life (that possibly you still haven’t met). Simply close your eyes and go there.

All the great inventions that we know now to be part of our lives have come from people’s imagination. Things that before they were invented were still part of the impossible such as radio, television, planes and the ones that always fascinates me, the fax! How the hell does that work??

Dr. Joseph Murphy said “Your imagination is the treasure house of infinity, which releases to you all the precious jewels of music, art, poetry and inventions.” Everything we have is already within us. Just the notion that even I who can’t play music, has the music with me. Sends shivers!!!

We can tap into past memories and re-imagine ourselves there again and likewise we can imagine experiences that haven’t yet happened to us. Like what would be your idea of an ideal love affair, or what would it be like to live in a bigger house with a pretty space filled with roses and paintings where you can create? In winter we can tap into imagining a beautiful summers day at Bondi.

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You can imagine, even if you have never flown first class before how good that would feel? Cashmere blankets, cold champagne, comfortable chairs and feeling spoilt. Bring it on!

I have imagined myself into a whole new life!!!

Each day I devote a little time to imagining the next part of my life or the next project. It’s in these times of imaginings that ideas are born and if I chose to put my energy, feelings and love behind these imaginings that one day I know they will become reality.

Each day my courage has grown to imagine a little bit more, a little bigger, a little more colourful, a little more helpful, a little more fun, a little more exciting and on and on and on.

So dear folks, I encourage you to spend some time each day with your imagination. If you are struggling where to start, here’s my advice



  1. Pick a subject it could be a project, trip, room or relationship
  2. Settle into a place where you feel warm and comfortable
  3. Close your eyes, switch on the interior movie camera and start your film
  4. Just like a film choose a setting, the actors, the script and the outcome
  5. Feel how good it is to be there, what are you feeling? Joy, love, excitement, creativity
  6. Allow your mind to play what if?
  7. Dream big

Often when I come out of these moments of imagination I have an idea that drops in and inspires an action. I take that little step and then another comes another day.

I stay with my vision and keep taking steps and then one day I wake up and it’s no longer just a dream, it’s my reality.

Wishing you wonderful dreams


“If you can dream it, you can do it.”Walt Disney


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