“We met Carla serendipitously through a recommendation by Vicki Archer. We were vacationing with our children in a Chateau in the Loire where we had our wedding ten years ago. I had always admired the breathtaking photos that are in the “French Essence” book, and was excited to read Vicki’s daily blogpost which she happened to write about Carla that day. I took a chance and contacted Carla.

We were lucky that she was available to travel to the Chateau to capture our family in that beautiful slice of the world. Upon meeting Carla, we immediately felt like she was a good friend that we have known for a long time. Her endearing personality allows her to capture real emotion and true life moments because her subjects feel comfortable with her. It was a very hot summer day and despite that Carla was able to work with our children to capture really amazing photos that we will cherish forever, she has remarkable talent and has the eye and personality that few photographers possess.”

– Aldona J. Spiegal | Houston Texas


“To have a make-over by an incredible hair and make-up artist, to be in a suite in one of the most beautiful hotels in Paris with a fantastic photographer, is an incredible sensation.  If I had the chance to do it again I would do it in a heart-beat.

My make-over and having my photo taken by Carla made me feel more than beautiful! Better than 10 appointments with a psychologist!

– Valentina Serafini | Paris


“The photo shoot at the Hotel Lancaster was an unforgettable experience. Carla and her team were relaxed yet highly professional, warm and welcoming. I felt immediately at home which made it easy to express myself in front of the camera, despite being initially awed by the luxurious suite.  I‘m amazed by the photos – I see myself, and I see another dimension to myself that Carla somehow magicked into being!”

– Louisa Raszyk | Paris


“Having a make-over with a friend in the beautiful Hotel Lancaster felt like a glamorous school excursion, like when you visit a special place with friends. The make-up artist was a wonderful surprise he was incredibly sensitive to my personality, even if we had never met. His make-up was light and with colours I loved. Carla has the ability to allow you to express yourself at your best. In most of the photos I see myself as I am but at the best I could possibly be. There are some photos so beautiful it took me a while to realise it was actually me. I adore everything about the photos, the clothes, my hair, the colours and the poses.”

– Mariangela Iannone | Paris


“I was really fun to have a make-up artist all to myself.  It was wonderful sensation to be spoilt by him with beautiful make-up and to chat to him about all his secrets and how we can improve our own make-up. It was fun also to be with a friend and watch their transformation in front of the camera.

To see the photographs afterwards was great for my self esteem. To feel like a model for a day, to wear your favourite dress and to be photographed in a beautiful hotel room is like living a dream! In a wonderful relaxed atmosphere, it felt like a fabulous girl’s day out. I would love to do it again.”

– Cristina Pilara| Paris


“I have a cinema blog, called Le Blog de Zazie. Recently, I decided to change the design of the blog, and I was looking for an original idea to launch it. I  wanted portraits of myself as if I was an actress in a Nouvelle Vague movie. I talked to Carla about it and we discussed locations, style, make-up and shooting ideas. I was excited just talking about it!

Carla suggested to take the photos at night, in the area where I live, Montmartre. A fascinating and very cinematic quartier of Paris – I loved the idea. The night of the shoot I was so excited! I had a super make-up artist, and an incredible photography team to myself: Carla and her adorable assistants. Carla found a beautiful spot and we became the kings and queens of the rue!

People were looking at me as though I was a star!..It was fun and thrilling! I enjoyed myself so much that I was a bit sad when Carla told me that she had taken enough pictures. I could have gone on all night! When I saw the results, I was blown away. I don’t know how she did it but I looked more than an actress, I looked like… a movie star!!! Carla made my dream come true!”

–  Zazie Le Blog de Zazie|Paris


From the first instance of contact, Carla was warm and friendly and arranging all the details before we left Australia, it was super easy.   I was so nervous and my husband was excited, but immediately after meeting Carla I knew I had done the right thing.  We were immediately put at ease and the shoot went off without a hitch.  Over 3 or so hours, we went to Les Pont des Artes, the Louvre, the Tuileries Gardens and the Palais Royale with many laughs along the way!

We arranged to meet Carla 2 days after the shoot where she showed us a selection of around 30 or so photos that she thought were the best and had captured the day.  To say I loved them is an understatement and thinking of that moment still brings tears to my eyes.

The ordering process was very simple and Carla kept in contact with us, updating us with the progress.  We have now received our beautiful photos, and have framed and hung them in our home.  All of our friends and family adore them and would love to have the same opportunity we had. To anyone considering a Carla Coulson shoot I say – Go For It – you will definitely not be disappointed.”

– Carolyn and David Roney |Melbourne, Australia


“It was a thrill for me and my family to spend the day being photographed by the talented Carla Coulson during our trip to Paris… Carla’s photography is rich, evocative and layered and she so thoughtfully captured the essence of our family which will forever be a reminder of our time spent travelling together. It’s an honour for us to have Carla’s photographs gracing the walls of our house.”

– Shannon Fricke |Byron Bay Australia


“There is no question that the morning with Carla was the highlight of our 4 weeks in France and we now have the most wonderful photo book and prints so that we can relive this special time whenever we like.  Don’t hesitate to contact Carla, and if you are lucky enough to catch her in Paris, you will have an experience that money cannot buy.”

– Darren Ackland|Gold Coast, Australia


“I have a long standing love affair with Paris, and, since 2000, my husband Rob and I have spent many happy times there, discovering “our??? Paris.

On the given day, Carla met us at a favourite cafe of ours –Cafe le Nemours – and immediately started clicking! She took us through the Colonnades of the Palais Royal, to the Tuileries Gardens and on to the Louvre Museum, talking, walking and stopping for a drink along the way. What fun we had! Carla happily snapped away and we learnt about how movement and the right light are so important to a good portrait. We had a special request to have a photo taken on the Pont Alexandre 111, so at the end of our afternoon, Carla captured the special light of sundown to take our final photos.

Carla helped us with our choice, advising us with great sensitivity and professionalism to select the photos which best captured the essence of us as a couple, as well as of the iconic Paris locations. We were so thrilled from start to finish with Carla as a photographer. She is business-like, friendly, sensitive, professional, and, above all, an outstanding photographer. Our framed photos are hanging on the walls of our home, beautiful reminders of an afternoon with Carla in Paris and the happiness of two people.

We would recommend Carla Coulson to anyone thinking of having a portrait done. The experience is great fun and the result is exquisite.”

– Anne and Rob Martin |Noosa, Australia


“If its at all possible to make a holiday in Paris even more special, then having a photography session with Carla certainly did that!

Through the whole process of finding perfect photo locations,  Carla’s professionalism, relaxed approach and enthusiasm for her work made our photo session a fun experience.  I had never been happy with photos of myself but unbelievably because of Carla’s incredible talent, I love them all and had trouble choosing which ones to have framed !

Carla truly captured Paris and every time we look at our photographs we are transported back to our wonderful time there.”  

– Libby and Murray Salloway |Port Macquarie Australia