Why We Love Paris

carla coulson paris love Love at La Palette Copyright Carla Coulson

I hope you don’t mind me using the royal ‘we’ today but I felt inspired today to write a little post about ‘Why We Love Paris’.

I know the feeling is mutual and many of you have your own reasons for loving her.

Here goes some of mine:

Love: Paris makes you want to grab the person you love and have a long lingering kiss wherever you can, on a street corner, in a cafe on the Metro or under trees in the Jardin du Tuileries. Kissing in public is open season in Paris and we love kissing..


Louvre via pinterest

Architecture.. Here stone coloured buildings and tin roofs have us all in a flap. We love the curly wrought iron, the window boxes and that wonderful stone backdrop wherever you look. We love the symmetry and open spaces, the wide boulevards and dingy streets.

eiffel tower paris

Image via Pinterest

The Eiffel Tower – I still feel like saying everytime I see it ‘wow, the Eiffel Tower’. It inspires us to dance, jump and photograph ourselves in front of it. It inspires people to leave the other side of the world just to stand, sit or run beneath it.. We love the Eiffel Tower.

paris gardens jardins

ย Photo via Pinterest

The Gardens – No matter how many times you walk in Paris’s garden you still feel like taking your hat off to the gardeners and the French. They are temples of beauty and perfume (the chestnut trees are in bloom right now and the perfume is mesmerising). The ancient little sail boats never change, nor do the carousels and little huts where they sell hoola-hoops and crepes.

paris cafe

Photo Copyright Carla Coulson

The Cafes – If it is your first time or one hundreth time sitting down at one of those heavy metal tables, or pushing out a cane chair to rest your weary legs there is no visual like a Parisian cafe. Hats off to every cafe owner who each day allows us to sit in a little bit of our own Parisian film.

Richard Avedon paris

Photo Copyright Richard Avedon

The Fashion – It has always been the capital of fashion and though many other cities would like this crown Paris really cares about her couture and Parisians about the way they dress.

carla coulson paris

Photo Copyright Carla Coulson

The Moulded Walls and Doors – From the moment I first saw Marilyn Monroe swan through those double molded doors in ‘How to Marry A Millionaire’ , Parisian apartments have been alluring. Bring on the molded walls, doors and parquet I say.

jean loup sieff

Photo by Jean Loup Sieff

The Melancholy – I read somewhere if you are a starving playwright and you want to feel really depressed about your work, come to Paris in the winter. She is dark and mysterious and the perfect place to revel in your melancholy for somewhere sunny, someone you love or having your play published!

carla coulson paris night

Copyright Carla Coulson

The Night – I love the night in Paris, add the rain and I am a pushover. Last night we went to the cinema and walked from Montparnasse to the Marais and every 5 metres I uttered ‘OMG it’s so beautiful’. Paris sparkles at night.

The list goes on, the patisseries, the shopfronts, the cobbled streets, the quirky shops and the cinemas.

I know many of you are heading this way so I thought some of my favourite posts on Paris might help you start your trip, visit some old favourites or discover a new corner of Paris.

My Marais – Restaurants Part1 and Part 2

Paris 5 Feel Good Addresses

11 Things I love to Visit In Paris

Paris Bistros

Paris Under Snow

Where to Stay in the Marais – 4 Star Hotels

I would love to hear why you love Paris if you have time to leave me a comment!

‘But Paris was a very old city and we were young and nothing was simple there, not even poverty, nor sudden money, nor the moonlight, nor right and wrong nor the breathing of someone who lay beside you in the moonlight’.ย Ernest Hemingway


PS; Please feel free to share to all your friends who love Paris and want to know where to start when they visit.. x


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Jody Kalpenos
8 years ago

Carla, love this post…so true about why i love Paris and really i just feel at home there, safe and encompassed by all the beauty, food, art, culture etc…Love your photos too!

Corrina Tough
8 years ago

Paris gets in your blood and under your skin. I will never be the same now that I have looked through these (Paris) eyes.
Every day is filled with wonderment, it’s old but fresh, quaint but huge, artistc, musical, bright and vibrant, elegant and neutral, rich and rustic. I am truly in love. (From my journal September 2012) xx Corrina Tough

Liz Thomas
8 years ago

I am determined to get there some day!

8 years ago

Ah Paris! I’m coming up for fashion week in July and can’t for the people watching and long summer nights after work. Fabulous! Xc

8 years ago

Oops! Can’t wait!

8 years ago

Thank you, Carla, for capturing, in words and in pictures, what makes Paris so unique, so special… I used to swear at Paris while I lived there for 10 years. It can be such a frustrating place… Now that I get to see her *only* once a year, I miss her. Well done. I will be sharing this story with my blog readers on FB today… Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

8 years ago

“If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast???(all the books and descriptions of Hemingway while he was leaving in Paris with his first wife, Hadley, are amazing). I would love to live in Paris because I love fashion, because I love croissants and quiche and there is not better place to wake up and go to the first street corner where you can buy your coffee accompanied by a big butter 100% croissant. I would also love to live in Paris because I enjoy Les Tuilleries so much I could spend a whole day there on those chairs near the water and don’t get bored.

8 years ago

Love Paris!!

La Contessa
8 years ago

Well, lets just say I have been to Paris at 18 and stayed at the RITZ with my high school boyfriend!He drove an old CITROEN car……..we traveled through the countryside……….I came back later in LIfe a few times but always passing through never soaking it up!Once I had a 12 hour lay over and was very proud of myself I took the train in from the airport and walked and walked!The longest I have stayed in the city is two nights………..alone!The husband is Italian and you know how the Italian love the FRENCH so thats a negative!So, I guess I need to come because your there before you take off for a new destination!BECAUSE I HAVE TO MEET YOU IN MY LIFE TIME!The more you write the more I adore you………..xxx

Peggy Braswell
8 years ago

ahh “I love Paris in the springtime, I love Paris in the fall”- that song says it all. Anytime of the year is wonderful in Paris. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

8 years ago

That was a good dose of Paris love! Sigh…

I’m planning a day trip soon and I will be looking at your Marais links thoroughly before I go, as I plan to spend most of my day in that part of the city.

PS. The second photo is by Christophe Jacrot.

8 years ago

Evenings at the Seine banks ๐Ÿ™‚

french cravings
7 years ago

Ah the cafes, the cobblestone streets, and the rain make me love Paris all over again when I’ve been away…the Haussmannian uniformity in the day gives way to sparkle and color at night…the Eiffel Tower. No where but Paris for me… x Katie

7 years ago

I love this post so much. ๐Ÿ™‚ One of my favorite things about Paris is the anonymity. I can be anyone I like there. ๐Ÿ™‚ I can wander anywhere, eat anything, stay up as late as I like, write for hours, eat croissants for every meal, wander alone at night and feel perfectly safe. It is soul-restoring for me there, for I feel no boundaries fettering me. ๐Ÿ™‚

7 years ago

I loved waiting on the steps of the Opera for a friend. The red carpet was unfurled, cars rushed up, people jumped from the doors and strode up the stairs in their most fashionable finery. The Opera chefs chatted on the balconies above in their kitchen whites, the gilded architecture glittered in the afternoon sun and young people lolled on the steps, smoking cigarettes and chatting to their friends… a truly memorable snapshot of Paris.