Why Shooting In The Rain Makes the Best Pictures

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Photos of Kimberly Wilson copyright by Carla Coulson

Dear Friends,

It has been the wettest year I can remember in my photography career.

It doesn’t matter where I am shooting, whether it be in Sydney in Summer, in Rome or Florence in Summer or Paris in any season, it has been raining.

I have long given up living by the weather predictions. Over the years I have watched the weather report closely, sometimes causing me great anxiety only to find on the day it wasn’t as the weather boys predicted. Except of course this January in Sydney when it was the rainiest day in about 400 years! Yep, they got that right.

I always create a plan b, c and d in case it is a real washout and I scout places where we could shoot undercover or protected but fortunately most of the time I don’t have to put them into action.

I have learnt to go with it. To tap into the power of the weather and all the emotions it elicits.

Bad weather has taught me to take better photos, to think faster, be more daring and live dangerously!! Shooting in bad weather can be exciting and often the high emotions of excitement, annoyance, the cold, the driving rain or wind makes the person being photographed ‘feel’ life right down to their little toes.

The photos look authentic because all that energy bubbling in the air hooks straight into their veins and they are brimming with life, fun and often an image that might take a couple of takes seems to happen on the knocker every time. There is something about playing in the rain that brings out everyones inner child.

These pics are from a recent shoot and we literally had four seasons in one day, the beautiful Kimberly Wilson  was such a trooper and wasn’t even vaguely flustered by the driving rain and wind.

Tips for Shooting in the Rain

  1. Aim of the game is to keep the camera and lens dry which can be difficult in driving wind/rain
  2. In the above photo my assistant covered my lens with the reflector which we had been using during the day and now doubled as a rain shield
  3. Try and keep your subject as dry as possible and add a cute umbrella or a big beach one if you are on the beach.
  4. Take advantage of beautiful reflections and lack of people on the streets
  5. Take your time and go undercover if you can to check your work and make sure it’s all working. Sometimes with all the action going on we can slip up.

Don’t be afraid of the rain, embrace it!

Happy shooting..


PS I have two spots left for early September if you are game.. more details HERE and don’t forget to check out the beautiful Kimberly Wilson and her work HERE

Check out my Portrait Lightroom Presets here.

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