Why I Created Yes, Yes, Yes instead of a Photography Course

Hello Lovelies,

I want to tell you a little bit today about why I created Yes, Yes, Yes instead of creating a photography course, which may have seemed more of a natural fit for me.

Approximately 4 years ago, my personal life imploded and I found myself on a Greek Island on my own not believing what was happening to me. My heart had been broken into tiny pieces and I needed a roadmap out of where I was and back to living a life I loved!

In between the tears and being curled up in the foetal position, I had big ideas, I would scribble them down, they came in fast and furious and I knew exactly how to get out of there and I WANTED TO TAKE OTHER WOMEN WITH ME. I had one epiphany after another.

I realised so many things in that moment!

    1. I could do anything I wanted if I allowed myself to Say Yes to what was really in my heart.
    2. I started to re-imagine what that would be and how big I could dream.
    3. I’d compromised on many things over the years that were important to me and I saw many of my friends doing the same things.
    4. I was heartbroken but all the work I had done as a coach was showing me the way out in an empowered way.


P. S. If you would like a little help reconnecting to something that sparks your joy, you can download my free Reawakening your Lust for Life PDF here.

In the most stressful, heartbreaking time of my life, it was also the most exciting, liberating, and creative time of my life. I wanted to scream from the highest mountain what I knew and share with others and help them live the lives they love and get out of wherever they were, even if it was simply stuck, not on the floors in tears.

Many people can teach you to take photos and it’s my joy also to teach that, but I feel my calling is something greater, to teach you how to have the courage to be a photographer or live the life you love where you are all in.

I’m not special, I just have a roadmap!

My big WHY for creating this program was to take you with me, to show you the other side of a life half-lived. That it’s not just for the lucky ones but for those brave enough to do the work.

What’s your big why? Hit reply and let me know.

Love and light,

Carla x


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