Why A Day At The Beach Is A Revolution!

I had an epiphany the other day when I was at the beach!

In the world we live in today, why is going to the beach a revolution?

Just take a closer look at the people on the beach and what they are doing and see how incredibly different it is from the way we are when we are in the city!

You can see the folks in these photos are relaxed, stretched out on the beach with every cell of their body facing the sun, they are floating in the water with their arms outstretched lost in the exquisiteness of the sea. They are talking, chatting, and playing as humans should. They are connecting with others, with themselves, with the moment, and with their insanely attractive environment.

It is such a revolution that the beach, nature, and our environment have the ability to grab our attention more than the screens of our phones, and that is saying something!

Yes, good ol’ Mother Nature, when you get out into it,  is so tantalisingly gorgeous that you return to a natural state of behaviour! Instead of being glued to the screen, you are holding your nose and jumping into the sea, you are sharing watermelon and pizza, stories, and joy. You reconnect to the child within and you allow yourself to be.

When you are at the beach, your body melts into the sand as Mother Nature cradles you, you may float upon her watery surface on a hot pink mattress and run your hands through the glistening water marvelling at the artistry of her gifts maybe not realising you are having a spiritual experience.

At times you may be still, watching, observing what is going on around you, and at other times you gently close your eyes, turn your face to the sun and let go, you let go of the tension, anxiety, and stress of your daily life. 

A day at the beach releases you from the slavery of technology. OK, you might glance at your phone, take a couple of selfies but the pull of another swim, the feeling of the sun on your skin, and a delicious lunch with friends override the feeling of being connected through a phone.

You are connected in real time, to the person next to you, the place, and very often yourself.

There are states when the human being has access to more intuition and that is when you are ‘being’, playing, and relaxing. 

So although we love a little technology, the beach has the power to cut the cord to this wired world we live in and return us for a while to our natural state, and that my friends is a powerful thing and what we need more of. In that state, your intuition is like a high speed internet connection and lots of little problems are solved, ideas miraculously pop into your mind and you may even have a couple of ‘aha’ moments.

So my darlings, when the world feels unnatural, unbalanced, wrong, weird, or you feel the rattles of anxiety and stress, grab your towel, your favourite swimmers, hat, and sunglasses and head to the beach

You my friend will be part of a revolution, a revolution of connecting back to what is important, YOU. The more you are connected to you, the more you will live a life full of joy, reward, purpose, and connection. And this my friends, is how we can change the world, by each of us changing our worlds.

So remember: a day at the beach is not indulgence, it’s pure medicine for the body, mind, and soul.


Love and light,

Carla x

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Paula Robinson
2 months ago

Just what I needed to hear, Carla! Merci! Was just dreaming about a beach getaway and then the link to this blog post landed in my inbox! Serendipity! xox