What is your dream photography job?… Check out one of mine..

Harpers Bazaar Carla Coulson0001

All photos copyright Carla Coulson for Harper’s Bazaar

Gawd… After sunshine and blue skies on a Greek Island it’s hard to fly back into Paris to rain and 22 degrees but coming home to this story published in this months Australian Harper’s Bazaar made it all ok.

Have you ever asked yourself what your dream photography job (or one of them) would be? What ingredients you would throw into the recipe to make it just the way you wanted? Would it be fashion? Would it be portraiture? Would it be travel or a fabulous interior? Would their be dancing dogs and fairy floss?

Harpers Bazaar Carla Coulson0003

All photos copyright Carla Coulson for Harper’s Bazaar

I have asked myself this question often. Recently the phone rang with a fairy on the end of it (Harper’s Bazaar) and asked me whether I wanted to do one of my dream jobs?? I figured they must have hacked into my mind’s c-drive and pulled out all those delicious ingredients I had dreamed of, rolled them all together to form Carla’s dream job.

Harpers Bazaar Carla Coulson0004

All photos copyright Carla Coulson for Harper’s Bazaar

There would be a ramshackled Chateau, crumbling with paint peeling and faded ballrooms. A gorgeous woman and handsome hubby, there would be a stunning daughter and super cute son and BIG FROCKS with tulle and stuff! And there would be fashion pics and portraiture, interiors and exteriors and kookiness if I wanted it.

Harpers Bazaar Carla Coulson0005

All photos copyright Carla Coulson for Harper’s Bazaar

The reality turned out to be just like the dream. Everything they promised was there. The gorgeous Karina Waters of Chateau Gudanes  is not only a beauty but one of the nicest women I know and giggles a lot (bonus).  She and her hubby fell in love with this gorgeous pile in the midi-pyrenees and are in the process of renovating it.

Peeling wall paper still clings to the walls, hand-painted frescoes and beautiful balustrades guard the stairs and the music room is still adorned with gold. There were old tapestries waiting to go on the walls one day, glamorous French beds and pretty pink chairs.

Harpers Bazaar Carla Coulson0006

All photos copyright Carla Coulson for Harper’s Bazaar

So although I have been spoilt with jobs through out the years including many fashion jobs I truly loved with the heavenly Marta Innocenti Ciulli, this was another one to pop in my favourite memories hat. A favourite because I had the chance to use all the skills I have learnt throughout the years in fashion and interiors. Kind of like gobbling a whole box of Laduree macaroons out the front of the shop.

Another of my dream jobs will be sharing the skills I have learnt in fashion and portraiture this January 5,6,7,8  in Sydney at the Picture This Workshop where I will show you how to create emotion packed portraits with a fashion twist just like on these pages. All details here .

So if you are feeling stuck, trapped in a job you don’t like and want to acquire the skills to take your portraiture to the next step this workshop is designed to do exactly that.

What would your dream photography job be? What ingredients would you stir into it if you had the choice? I would love to hear your thoughts and dreams..

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” Harriet Tubman




PS: Please share with other dreamers

Check out my Portrait Lightroom Presets here.

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Jess - alittlepartoftheworld

Brava Carla. I am breathless and speechless at how stunning your photos are. I’m off to buy a copy tomorrow. I have been following them on Instagram so was very excited to see you had photographed this stunning building and the gorgeous family restoring it. I am in awe! Jx

8 years ago

My dream photographer job would be 1 – anywhere in Paris 2- anywhere in London 3= Scotland .. The locations are the stars.
I usually prefer a non-human in my photos : )

8 years ago

OMG! The stuff of dreams indeed. Now, where did I put those two quirky ‘baroque’ lights I got on eBay a year back, promising myself I’d overhaul my bedroom into a ‘French fantasy’?

I do have amazing raw material to shoot, here in the southern Mediterranean (baroque places and palaces like those in your Puglia post), but lack the total ring of confidence and skills! Need you to run that Sidney workshop somewhere in Europe too, before long. Please do!

Kate Westman
Kate Westman
8 years ago

Beautiful photos, inspiring content and quote. Thank you!

8 years ago

Oh wow…now that would be my dream photography job. I’m first, a historian of the French 18th century and photographer second. This photoshoot combines the true loves of my life.
Bravo Carla. You are truly blessed.
Now if only Versailles would call me! 😉

La Contessa
8 years ago

YOU know I have already rung up OZ land to get my copy sent ASAP!!!
This is me through and through…………I cannot wait to read the article!Print too small for me to read here!
What a STUNNING FAMILY!!What a DREAM home……….
STUNNING……….lucky YOU and lucky THEM!
I hope they give you more assignments like THIS!

T. Becque
T. Becque
8 years ago

That’s so awesome Carla, and as usual your photos are gorgeous!

lisa | renovatingitaly

You know I have followed this renovation just in awe, every image calls to me,the peeling layers of paint and the fragments of old wallpapers.

You bring it to life, the elegance, the spirit of the place is alive in it’s new owners. Love the daughters boots with the black dress, she totally captures the quirky nature of those dedicated to each detail of a house like this.

Beautiful and I’m getting a friend to bring me a copy. Fabulous fabulous Carla, one of my favorite stories of the year….xxxx

Heather in Arles
8 years ago

Amazing. And I am beyond excited to read that she has a blog so I can continue to follow this incredibly beautiful and inspiring adventure that you so kindly introduced us to. Brava for the truly magnificent photos – the stuff that dreams are made on indeed!

8 years ago

I’m beyond words! This shoot is amazing. Congratulations Carla

8 years ago

Ohhh Carla – what a FAB photoshoot – absolutely amazing, and what photos you made. Well done, love that your dreams are coming to you 🙂 Happy Happy weekend,
A xx

8 years ago

over the top fantastic, I am so thrilled you have this shoot, I know your sensitivity will capture it all, I am beyond excited for you Carla~ personally I enjoy restorations and being involved, I am speechless how wonderful this is, throw in Tulle and Wala perfect ~ Xo enraptured with joy for you ~