What Happened When My Best Friend Got Bitten By A Monkey

Athalee Brown, Madly Calm, breathwork

When I got the call in Paris that my best friend had been bitten by a rogue monkey in Kuala Lumpur, my first reaction was to laugh. My niece was with me at the time and it became a daily drama so far removed from Paris life that we couldn’t wait to check in each day to see what the monkey was up to.

It wasn’t funny at all; in fact, it terrorized her and the other people as it broke into their homes and bit the unsuspecting victims.

My best buddy Athalee Brown was truly bitten by a monkey and it was not long after a serious bike accident. Like all things that are sent to us to test us, it gave her a chance to get back on the path to what she truly cared about, helping people live more peaceful and grounded lives. Breathwork was her way out of pain and trauma and reconnecting back to what was important to her.

She has since created Madly Calm, and there is a reason she called it Madly Calm, girls like us lead busy lives and we fantasise about being calm but we veer more towards the ‘madly’ part. We are ‘madly’ busy, creative, passionate, pressed for time, and overwhelmed with our lives. We are ‘madly’ running around after the kids, our partners, our bosses, the things we ‘should’ do, and everything else in between that often we become disconnected from who we are and what we want. Being in this state of chaos is bad for everybody but most of all, for us.

People tell me all the time that they can’t meditate, and it was one of those things that I also said when I knew it was time for me to learn to calm down. Breathwork is like cheating; it’s for the gals who don’t have the time to sit still for twenty minutes but want to get results in 5 minutes. Breathwork is the silver bullet we have all been searching for in our busy lives without having to buy the fancy yoga kit.

Breathwork I’ve also discovered can have far and wide-reaching benefits other than calming our nervous systems, my personal gamechanger no longer going to the toilet three times a night, sleeping deeply, and helping me access more intuition and clarity on what I really want.

Athalee Brown, Madly Calm

I’ve learnt that to go further, you need to also know when to go slower. 

Athalee is a Certified Instructor of the Buteyko Clinic, The Oxygen Advantage, and a graduate of the Australian Centre for Meditation and Mindfulness.

If lockdown or any effects from 2020 are getting you down, she is offering free breathwork classes in the coming month.

If you are:

    • Experiencing any stress/anxiety in your life.
    • Needing to boost your energy levels.
    • Suffering from sleep difficulties.
    • Needing to balance your mood & increase positive emotions.
    • Coping with grief.
    • Feeling overwhelmed with menopause symptoms.
    • Enduring physical pain
    • And the list goes on…

Love and light and do stay Madly Calm.

Carla x

If you want to know how you can live more wholeheartedly, reconnect to your joy, creativity, and purpose, click here to download my Free PDF Workbook, Reawaken Your Lust For Life.

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