What do Florence, Creativity, and Menopause have in common?

What do Florence, creativity, and menopause have in common?

Well, many years ago when I was still in my early forties I had the joy of sharing an honest discussion in Florence over multiple cappuccinos about life after menopause with women who were on the other side of menopause. 

I was curious about this phase of life and the good things they had to say about it.

Now you may think it’s odd as many women are sold the story that life after hormones, family, and menopause aren’t that great but these women were telling me another story, one that I tucked away in my memory for my turn.

They explained that once you learn how to manage the hot flashes (reduce anything that taxes your liver) something incredible can happen, your creativity literally explodes. 

I’ve seen close at hand many women thrown off course with the physical changes of menopause so I braced myself for my turn but I have to admit I was excited about the thought of newfound creativity so it took away a little of the fear.

Well, ladies, I’ve made it to menopause and beyond and I remember that conversation. When a woman hits 50, look out folks, it feels like it’s our time. A woman in her fifties has an invisible sign on her head that says something along the lines of ‘It’s my turn, please get out of my way.’

When my hormones exited the room, many of my chains were cut and from listening to other women, theirs were cut too. Those endless years of serving others, partners, family, work, children, corporations, the right thing to do, and parents slowly come to an end. 

At 50, a fog slowly lifts, kind of like when you wipe a foggy window on a rainy day and you can see clearly. There is a healthy disconnection that I had never felt before, a chance to make decisions with more clarity and less emotional pull, and an intense desire to have time for myself.

lisa clifford

Photo copyright by Damien Anthony Avery-Rossi (@mrhollywoodinoz)

A woman in her 50s is full of stories, experiences, knowledge, and skills, and is in the perfect position to put all of her energy into something that excites her. 

Post menopause, just as those ladies promised, in flooded ideas and creativity.

These days, I wake up and all I want to do is make. I want to make things whether it is gardens, photos, ceramics, words, cat houses, bags, or whatever attracts me on the day. I feel this intense internal desire to create and often when my daily tasks take over and I haven’t had the chance to use my hands, a little Carla monster comes to life to remind me to make time for myself. 

I know I’m not alone. I hear it from other women all the time. 

If you’re reading this and you or your friends would like to start on a creative path or making time for yourself, my beautiful friend and author Lisa Clifford will be teaching The Art of Writing this Spring and Summer in Florence, and could there be a better place for a woman to sit down with a group of other women to explore her creativity, devote some time to herself and her story?

lisa clifford
lisa clifford books

Photos copyright by Lisa Clifford (@lisacliffordwriter)

Cappuccinos, history, fashion, culture, museums, art, friendship, and great food are some of the feasts I devoured when I lived in Florence, and on every visit, my entire being and creative well are refilled with inspiration and joy. 

If you feel it’s your time and you are just getting started on your path and feel like a creative workshop in Florence, you can learn more here.


Sending you love and creativity,

Carla x


P.S. Lisa and I created Naples A Way of Love together so I have had the honour of seeing her work in action!  x

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Moira Leech
Moira Leech
5 months ago

This post came at the most exciting time. I am, after 10 years finally attending the AoW with Lisa in early May. The memoir I’m hoping to produce is all about the 50’s, my first European adventure and yes of course travelling with menopause. As I approach 70 later this year and after 50 years of marriage this May I’m honestly embracing the journey. Priorities have changed over the year and having completed and put into practice my YYY journey I feel there is a never too late attitude I will carry beyond. Also my Gratitude for the women I’ve met along the pathway of life have been pivotal in achieving my goals and I will continue proudly and optimistically forward. Thank you Carla your timing is impeccable as always 🙏💕