What Are You Starting?


What Are You Starting? carla coulson, creative coach, photographers life, get what you want, calling it in, positano, life coach Amalfi Coast, Italy, Positano, Capri, Beach house, Wall Art, la fontelina, Amalfi, Italy, Beach house Decor, Italian Beach, beach umbrella, Carla Coulson, positano beach, la scogliera, arienzo beach, la praia, monopoli, puglia beach, Atrani, da luigi capri, fornillo, photography, travel photography, beach photography,Dear Folks,

A huge Happy New Year to you!

I was recently in Australia and saw this fabulous ad campaign about quitting smoking.

I adored their focus, instead of focusing on what you are stopping or giving up it focused on what you are starting, what is opening up for you, what wonders and excitement lie ahead. That is the magic of stopping, you are creating space for something new.

I love a New Year, sort of like getting a fresh journal with nothing written in it. It’s the time I get quiet and focus on what I too want to stop (hey all our lives are works in progress) and what things I am excited to start.

If you are in a place of change today and fearful about leaving something comfortable and safe behind focus on what you are starting, what new chapter of your life awaits you when you create space for something new. It could be as simple as starting to swim, learning to dance, letting go of something in your business that isn’t serving you or doing something fabulous for yourself that you may not have believed you were worthy of in 2017.

Here’s to new beginnings and a wonderful 2018 and making your dreams come true.

What are you starting?

Much love




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