Welcome to Armchair Travel Week!

Summer Daze - Cala Salada Ibiza, carla coulson, armchair travel

Hi Lovelies,

Get ready, #nopassportneeded because Forman Art and Framing and myself are taking you to a European summer. 🏖️ For a whole week, you can forget lockdown and imagine you are frolicking on a European beach with us. We have a joyous surprise for you below.

Today we are travelling to Ibiza, get your sunnies, bikini and dancing shoes on!! 

This beauty is called Summer Daze – Cala Salada Ibiza.

When you think of Ibiza, you think of nightclubs, dancing, suntanned bodies, rockstars and hippies, business magnates and dare I say ‘Boxer’ Nuno Lopes (that handsome rogue from Netflix Ibiza folie White Lines – ouch)! 

Ibiza is a little like Paris, she can be anything you want it to be but nobody, and I mean nobody, told me it could also be like the Bahamas. How long has this been going on and why wasn’t I phoned?? 

When you make it over the rocks in Cala Salada, your breath leaves your body when you see the water, you stand on the red rocks and look out at the transparent blue and all you want to do is float in it, jump in it, swim in it, and never leave it. And if you are lucky when you pop up out of the water like you are in a Coca-Cola ad, who knows, maybe there will be Boxer smiling at you!!!! 

For a week ONLY with the code ARMCHAIRTRAVELLER, you will receive 15% off all beach prints on checkout and you can take the blue and the joy home. Stay tuned for more travel and more blue. 


If you’re ordering from Australia, head on over to Forman Art and Framing.

Loads of love,

Carla x

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