Voila The Beautiful Winners of a Portrait in Paris – The Menadue Girls


The Menadue Girls Copyright Carla Coulson

After months of waiting, the day finally came around and I had the chance to shoot the gorgeous winners of my portrait competition in Paris – the Menadue girls. What a treat! We had all waited months for the day, the Menadue girls had rejigged their European adventure to meet up in Paris and I thank them eternally for this.

I was lucky to have not just one beautiful woman in front of me but two! I can see where Felicity’s beauty comes from and we had gorgeous Ralph Lauren look-a-like dad along for the last couple of hours!!

Between the clothing changes and the coffee we traded stories. Felicity now calls.. drumroll…. Venice home! Four years ago Felicity swapped her Australian life for an extended adventure in Venice that still goes on! And her gorgeous mum Carolyn and dad are right behind her (rings a bell).

There are somethings that you would like to go on forever, like our shoot and having a friendship with the Menadue girls. Loved them to bits!! Not to mention dad (seen below).

So when the time came to say goodbye it all felt a little pre-mature but what a wonderful morning we shared and the world feels warmer knowing there are such great people out there with kind souls and big hearts.

I felt like I won the prize!!

Viva le ragazze Menadue (and dad)



PS: If you would like to see the before’s click here

Some backstage pics from Felicity’s mum with super make-up artist Veronique, myself, Felicity, her mum and dad!


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9 years ago

Carla the photographs are all just gorgeous! She looks so lovely (what loving parents too).

9 years ago

are they as sweet as they look? they look very harmonious

Victoria Hopkins
9 years ago

Absolutely gorgeous! x

Heather in Arles
9 years ago

All the happiness just shines through. What a beautiful family–inside and out!

9 years ago

Carla, The photos are great and a fabulous memento of a very special day – definitely the piece de resistance of our trip to Paris! The bond we all formed during the photo shoot was magical and it was like saying goodbye to dear friends when John and I rushed off to the airport for our flight home. Thank you so much for an unforgettable experience. Much love, Carolyn x

9 years ago

beautiful family! love the shots

9 years ago

what a beautiful shoot.
You are a dream to work with Carla
I can definitely attest to that after today’s shoot around Paris!

9 years ago

Some days are so special, you just know you will never ever forget them. Carla, our photo shoot with you and Veronique was one such day. The room was filled with love, magic and happiness. It was such a blessing to share this wonderful experience with you! All my love and I hope we meet again soon! Felicity xx

Beauty Follower
9 years ago

Nice portraits!

This is Belgium
9 years ago

this is more than impressive
I can relate to what the girls mean in their comments because I know what it is like to have the op to spend some time with you
the shots are out of this world

9 years ago

These pictures are so glamourous. I saw the “before??? and what you did with the pictures is magical.

9 years ago

Simply gorgeous! (Those eyes!!!!) Bravissima.

Chrissa Brown
9 years ago

Stunning pics, Carla! Looks like you all had a fun time 🙂

9 years ago

Carla, these photos are absolutely beautiful – both stunning women but you have also managed to capture that extra “something” about them too….wonderful!! XX

Karin A
9 years ago

Beautiful photographs Carla. I’m sure those photos will be treasured for years. Great job! xo