Turning A Negative To A Positive

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Dear Friends,

I hope you had a fabulous weekend and are full of good vibes for the week ahead.

I know it’s hard always to be full of good vibes and I thought I would share a story that happened way back in the beginning of changing my life.

So, there I was in Florence, I had finished photography school and I had had my first story published in Marie Claire Australia but hey the magazines were hardly breaking my door down.

I had schlepped up to London with a suitcase full of photos and seen all the magazines I loved but returned home empty handed. Somehow I had the genius idea to go see a friend in Geneva on the way back to Florence and ended up on a Sunday night train standing for hours with a knot in my stomach and the fear of failing doing laps in my head.

At the same time I had found myself a part-time job teaching the basics in a local photography school and I mentioned to the owner how I wanted to do a series of postcards and sell them in Florence. I told him all my ideas and where I was going to get them printed.

A week later he came into the school and dumped down on the table a set of postcards he had printed with my printer and was heading out to distribute them. I was flabbergasted, hurt and felt betrayed.

Now looking back it doesn’t seem like such a big deal but at the time things were pretty shaky and that was a big kick in the pancreas! I remember going home crying that day, all my power had drained from my body, my positive ‘can-do’ energy had evaporated and I started to entertain the thought that I might have to go back to Australia.

I sat in my apartment in the dark (didn’t have the energy to turn the light on) for a couple of hours, then my tears started to dry and my ‘don’t mess with me’ pride and energy came rearing out of no-where galloping towards the computer. I’ll show him I thought and BTW I ain’t going home!

I must have sent out between 30-50 emails that night, I sat at the computer and wrote to every magazine I knew and contacted ones I didn’t know. I even contacted Marie Claire in many different countries. I was like a nuclear power house of energy. At the end of the night I fell into the bed, happy content with all the positive energy I had expended. Actually I thanked him.

Within two days I had sold my previously published Marie Claire story TWICE. Once to Greece and once to Brazil. I received a phone call from an English magazine whilst riding across the Ponte Vecchio for a commission that week in Tuscany.

This time I cried tears of happiness. Not only would I receive a little economic injection but I was actually getting closer to what I wanted to do. A situation that had briefly taken away my power, thrown me into the gutter of bad vibes had been rectified with positive action and put me back on the right path.

As much as I needed that small job, I decided to quit. I couldn’t look at the guy anymore and life is too short to hang out with negative energy.

That guy did me the biggest favour, at the end of the year I had the courage to scrape together some images and go pitch a book. That was eventually published under the name of Italian Joy.

So dear friends, when someone kicks you in the pancreas and life feels rotten, think about how you can turn your negative into a positive and keep going on the path you have always wanted.

Wishing you the most marvellous Monday.

“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer”

And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger – something better, pushing right back”. Albert Camus


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Beck Jeal
Beck Jeal
4 years ago

Thankyou for inspiring and keeping the focus on the positive … Love your blog & work

4 years ago

Hi Carla,
I am so glad to be back reading your posts and your new website is awesome, you must be so proud.

Your message of turning a negative into a positive resonates with me. I’m not sure if you remember me, but the time spent in your workshops always left me feeling inspired. Puglia of course was surreal in many senses. You have such a gift for leading by example and I know you inspire hundreds of people around the world.

Thanks for this reminder
with much love

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