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All Photos copyright Carla Coulson

Who wouldn’t want a part-time Parisian Life? Sounds fabulous, non?

Well beautiful New Yorker Lisa Anselmo has made it a reality. After losing her mum to cancer Lisa took a swan dive of of faith and bought a small apartment in Paris, she then took her dream to a whole new level and left her job as a magazine art director to write a book and create her successful blog My Part-Time Paris Life.

I recently had the pleasure of shooting some personal branding images for Lisa and as we chatted and photographed I realised this gal new a lot about Paris and our neighbourhoods so I thought wouldn’t it be wonderful to share some of favourite spots with my divine followers.

lisa1Sunshiney Lisa  was a joy to photograph and exudes happiness and warmth with a touch of Sarah Jessica Parker thrown in. She is the go-to-girl for a quirkier side of Paris, the side a first time visitor might over look but if you are a Paris fan and you want to dig a little deeper Lisa has the best little black book. Stay tuned in 2016 for her new book.lisa2Lisa’s Fave Paris Places

  1. Favorite place to write: Le Rouge Limé, 167 Blvd. Voltaire, 11th Awesome WiFi, friendly vibe. Food is just meh, though.
  2. Favorite food market: Marché d’Aligre, 12th
  3. Favorite place for sexy and friendly waiters: Café Charlot, 38 Rue de Bretagne, 3rd
  4. Favorite street: Rue St. Marthe, 10th Art and fashion ateliers open in the day; cafes open at night. Cuteness all day long.
  5. Favorite tourist trap: Café de Flore, 172 Blvd. St.-Germain, 6th I blame the hot chocolate—like liquid pudding.
  6. Favorite brocante: Rue de Bretagne, 3rd In May & November—500 vendors, folks!
  7. Favorite place to wander aimlessly: Butte Bergeyre, 19th Tiny village on top of a hill with adorable two-story houses, and views of Sacré-Coeur.
  8. Favorite museum: Musée Carnavalet, 16 Rue des Francs Bourgeois, 4th The museum of the city of Paris. The buildings themselves are worth the price of admission—the former private home of Madame de Sévigné from 1677-1696.
  9. Favorite foodie splurge: Pierre Sang on Gambey, 6 Rue Gambey, 11th
  10. Favorite place for cheap, stylish clothes: Nina Kendosa, 26 Rue de Turenne, 4th Pricewise, it’s an anomaly in the Marais, like they didn’t get the memo. Also, La Boutique, 209 Blvd. Voltaire, 11th arr. Oops—that’s two places!


lisa10You can follow Lisa and her fabulous inspirational life at My Part-Time Paris Life.

Many thanks to the lovely Lisa for sharing her favourite spots with us and for her wonderful energy that was such a joy to capture.


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