The Power of Friendship

Image of friendship two girls holding daisies in the country

Australians have always been famous for ‘mateship’ and the power of friendship. It is the thing that has allowed us to survive and thrive over the past couple of hundred years and the thing that has made living in this often challenging landscape, possible.

In the past week as we started a new decade of hopes and dreams, Australians rose to the occasion in every way, dusted off our immense sense of togetherness, and made serious things happen with one joint passion in common — saving our land, people, and wildlife from out of control fires. People did or gave whatever they could to make it happen.

It was the most amazing thing to see, feel and be part of a tsunami of heart-connected energy, a collective of people whose passion was so strong it allowed them to move mountains.

Images of australians celeste barber helping during the recent bushfires

Kids made pop up lemonade stands to raise money, our favourite comedian Celeste Barber started a fund that raised over 50 million dollars, artists and photographers auctioned their work, poets wrote songs to stir our hearts, musicians gave concerts to raise money, ladies knitted pouches and mittens to help the burnt paws of joeys and koalas, cooks held fund raising dinners, illustrators sold their work and 100% of funds were donated.

People organized drop off stations for food, medicines and anything that was needed to help the folks whose homes had burnt down or had been evacuated. Teenagers drove around and gathered homeless koalas in their cars and strangers gave up their spare room for families who had lost their homes or had been evacuated.

One person inspired the other, one person helped another and together we achieved the impossible.

Image of volunteers helping koalas during recent australian bush fires

Inspired action was taken at every level and in a way you would never believe was possible, incredible things that normally take months of planning were turned around in hours because of the sheer passion to make it happen and it was the most beautiful thing to see the power of the people when we walk together and in a gentle way hold each other accountable.

It has inspired me so much that I have created a very special surprise for you tomorrow when I re-open the doors to YES, YES, YES – The Year You Say Yes To Yourself for 2020.

Stay tuned… We are stronger together.

Sending love and thanks to all souls around the world who gave to Australia, its wildlife, people, firefighters and shook their booty in whatever way they could.


Carla xx

PS: Top photo by Sam Manns

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Kara Mobile

Love this Carla. So much.


Onya luvie xx


Thanks Carla 😊


We are one, and we are many ❤️ Beautiful words Carla xx

Kim Porter
Kim Porter

Tears rolling. Thank you for telling this story, Carla. Thank you for modeling something beautiful for the world, Australia.

Elisha Rickward
Elisha Rickward

How privileged we are to call Australia 🇦🇺 home. So many amazing people with big hearts 💕 and infinite kindness.

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