Sell Your Photography or Art Online – Group Coaching Program

Dearest Friends,

Recently I gave a free workshop on how to sell your art photography online and I had an overwhelming response from people after the presentation wanting to know more.

In fact, I had many people write to me asking whether I could create a course to coach people through the process to make their shop a sure fire winner.

When I created my shop in 2016, I had a dream to make it work for many reasons; one was to create the work I love and sell it but there was another part of me that also did it for you. I wanted to prove that creatives could do the work they love and make it a sustainable online business. Within 3 years, I managed to grow my sales 10x!!

So my loves, if you would like to know more about how you can do the work you love and sell it successfully online, come and take a peek at my new baby, ‘Walls of Love’ – a private group coaching program with all the bells and whistles to support you in the process of creating the work you love and selling it.


Carla xx

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