Puglia Beginners Travel Photography Workshop

travel photography

Dearest Folks,

Stay tuned next week for some exciting news. After many requests, we are in the process of creating a travel photography workshop so many of you have asked for.

A photography workshop where you come and you don’t need any photography pre-requisite other than a camera.

Yep, in the beautiful area of Puglia next May, not only will you get to travel to one of the loveliest places in Italy but we will teach you basic manual photography at the same time.

It’s the double bunger, we try and take you from Zero to Hero and you not only do you go home with a swag of fabulous photos but with a new found technical skills and knowledge for manual photography.

doubles 2

So if you were one of those lovely folks who asked for this travel photography workshop, set your alarm for next week or if you want to be first on the list email us at workshops@carlacoulson.com

Photography gave me whatever it was that was missing inside and made me love life again.” – Carla Coulson from Italian Joy

Love ya,

Carla x