Puglia – Masseria Cimino

Masseria Cimino, Carla Coulson

Long before you arrive at Masseria Cimino you are struck by the sight of ancient olive trees that resemble sculptures, twisted over hundreds of years with winds, run and the scorching sun.

Carla Coulson Caravan travel Photography Workshop0059

 Ancient Olives Trees Puglia Copyright Carla Coulson

Carla Coulson Caravan travel Photography Workshop0060

 Olive Trees Puglia Copyright Carla Coulson

These ancient olive trees have always been one of my favourite things about Puglia, a reminder of how old this land is and how deeply ingrained the olive tree is in the culture and history.

Masseria Cimino, Carla Coulson

 Masseria Cimino Copyright Carla Coulson

I decided to make Masseria Cimino a part of the first Caravan Travel Photography Workshop for a couple of reasons. I loved it’s exquisite make-over, not too flashy and not too rustic, somewhere in between.

And I knew it would make the perfect setting for the photographers to take interior and exterior shots and as a background to shoot food.

Masseria Cimino, Carla Coulson

 The sun beds copyright Carla Coulson

Masseria Cimino is an exquisite palette of white broken only by the local vegetation of cactus trees, olives and rosemary and the soft blue they have chosen for the doors, windows and furniture.

Masseria Cimino, Carla Coulson

 Entrance Masseria Cimino Copyright Carla Coulson

There is one original red wall and we all went mad shooting it.

Carla Coulson Caravan travel Photography Workshop0049

And Masseria Cimino has the coolest uniforms.. beautiful Viviana in her gorgeous uniform.

The Bar Masseria Cimino Copyright Carla Coulson

The furniture in the interior of the bar has been constructed of concrete in the simple way they do in the Greek Islands and a clever interior designer has added lovely soft furnishings in white and beige. Cactus leaves hang as decoration in the main room. I learnt later on the trip this was a traditional custom, the Pugliese do this to conserve the fruit that grows on this plant so they can eat it fresh for months to come.

Carla Coulson Caravan travel Photography Workshop0054

 Details of the Cactus leaves Copyright Carla Coulson

I was a little bit excited about the cactus leaves!

Masseria Cimino, Carla Coulson

Rooms Masseria Cimino Copyright Carla Coulson

Although I was teaching and didn’t have a lot of time to shoot it was such a graphic exterior to shoot I couldn’t help but grab a couple of shots on the hop.

Carla Coulson Caravan travel Photography Workshop0050

 Rooms Masseria Copyright Carla Coulson

I adore the textures of traditional stone paving, white walls dotted with blue and a grapevine for shelter. Divine colour palette..

Carla Coulson Caravan travel Photography Workshop0056

Athalee Brown and a stone wall Masseria Cimino Copyright Carla Coulson

Workshop organiser Athalee Brown’s caftan matched the stone wall and cactus and I couldn’t resist a pic..

Carla Coulson Caravan travel Photography Workshop0051

 Dining Room Masseria Cimino Copyright Carla Coulson

Masseria Ciminio has respected many traditional ways and incorporated them into the decor, design and food. Tomatoes hang in the dining room, food is served on locally made ceramic plates with beautiful white linen and the menu is ladened with local products.

Carla Coulson Caravan travel Photography Workshop0052

Tomatoes Hang in the dining room Masseria Cimino copyright Carla Coulson

I hoped you enjoyed a little glimpse into this beautiful space in Puglia. I loved staying here and if you are visiting Puglia you might like it too! You can check out their website here.

“There is a single thread of attitude, a single direction of flow, that joins our present time to its early burgeoning in Mediterranean civilization.Arthur Erickson





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8 years ago


8 years ago

Hi Carla, if your photos don’t make us all want to run straight to Masseria Cimino in Puglia I don’t know what would. Simply simply to die for.
Millie xx

8 years ago

Wonderful as usual and makes me want to pack my bag and the kitten and take off .

8 years ago

Exquisite! thinking about buying somewhere in Puglia, but after seeing these I think we should just stay at this amazing spot. And so near the sea too. Now you’ve got me planning a trip back next year 🙂 Thank you!

La Contessa
8 years ago

Good Grief those OLIVE TREES!!!I have never seen such trunks on an olive tree before.Took me a few minutes before I could scroll down…….and I still kept gasping at the beauty……..Love the cactus hanging inside the BAR too!Your friends CAFTAN!!!!!!Gorgeous colors………and you catching it matched the stone wall!
This was a perfect way to start my day…………….GRAZIE MILLIE GRAZIE!

Marzena W
8 years ago

I wish I was there. Stunning photos:)

8 years ago

This is amazing!
I really like these photos!
feel happy this morning. Thank you.^-^

Janine Vasta
8 years ago

That was so beautiful Carla. I feel transported, thank you! Puglia is so special I know.


8 years ago

Just Beautiful 🙂


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Anna Dawn
3 years ago

Excellent article. I love the way you describe everything. This is an amazing place. I would definitely like to visit this place. thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us.