Puglia – A Day At The Sea


Carla Coulson Caravan travel Photography Workshop0068

San Vito near Polignano A Mare

Hopefully by the time you read this I will be floating in the Greek equivalent of the water above!

I have been wanting to share some behind the scenes images of the recent Caravan Travel Photography Workshop in gorgeous Puglia so I figure the sea is not a bad place to start.

Carla Coulson Caravan travel Photography Workshop0071

I had one afternoon before the workshop started and I threw myself into the action at the local beach at Polignano A Mare with best buddy and workshop organiser Athalee Brown and Mr. Logistics Graham Seers (also known as super famous cyclist in his other life).

As you can see it was wall to wall flesh at the beach but hey people watching Olympics as a free bonus.

Carla Coulson Caravan travel Photography Workshop0064

Francesco has been telling me about the local delicacy for years, the Octopus panino. Β It just so happened the day at the beach seemed to be octopus themed. This little guy caught his first ever octopus and I couldn’t resist a snap.

Carla Coulson Caravan travel Photography Workshop0065

Meanwhile on the other side of the cove and out the back of the fish shop the poor octopus is tenderised in a particularly brutal way. Not for vegetarians or animals (and octopus) lovers..

Carla Coulson Caravan travel Photography Workshop0066

Round 1 goes to the fisherman.

Carla Coulson Caravan travel Photography Workshop0072

Up the back of the beach in a little wooden shack is home to the local delicacy and Graham bravely lined up for his first Octopus panino.. Needless to say Francesco all the way from Paris glowed with pride..

Carla Coulson Caravan travel Photography Workshop0073

Ath considers taking a bite of hubby’s panino.

Carla Coulson Caravan travel Photography Workshop0075

Two lifeline friends who meet each day at the local beach in Monopoli. Ahh seems like the greatest of life’s rituals to me..

Carla Coulson Caravan travel Photography Workshop0074

Italy were playing the world cup so great to see a proud Italian supporting their team even at the beach.

Carla Coulson Caravan travel Photography Workshop0078

The old port in Monopoli, a beautiful boat and a rose patterned blanket.

Carla Coulson Caravan travel Photography Workshop0080

Monopoli early in the morning..

Carla Coulson Caravan travel Photography Workshop0076

Local fisherman preparing his lines, Dolce and Gabbana could certainly poach this guy for a new ad campaign.

Carla Coulson Caravan travel Photography Workshop0079

Where there is the sea and fisherman there is always a beautiful shrine (and Carla trying to sniff it out). One of my favourites in Monopoli.

Carla Coulson Caravan travel Photography Workshop0083

And where there are fishermen and fish there are bound to be sleepy cats with a tummy full of fish. Too tired to open his eyes..

Stay tuned for more posts on beautiful Puglia..

Wishing you a fabulous summer and hopefully you too are floating in transparent water.

“We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch – we are going back from whence we came.”




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8 years ago

He is a fisherman…seriously?!!! Phwoar !

8 years ago

The two lifelong friends reminds me of me and my bestie – in more ways than one!!! Fab photos. C xx

Katina Janakis
Katina Janakis
8 years ago

I love these posts and beautiful photos! I always have the biggest smile especially knowing I will be there soon. My hubby Mario really wants to try an octopus panino!

La Dolce Vita is the Italian way of life, and you really capture this Carla……. Grazie!

Ohhh and the fisherman…… yep….. definitely D&G material πŸ™‚

Katina xxx

La Contessa
8 years ago

You took me away……………..thank you!No,sea water for me this year.These photos captured everything!XX

Jess - alittlepartoftheworld

Oh my this is beautiful!! I was transported to Puglia. Just stunning Carla and I’m green with envy. I hope you are having a wonderful time and floating your cares away in that beautiful water. Jx

8 years ago

Such a wonderful lovely place! πŸ™‚

8 years ago

Such beautiful pics Carla!! Gorgeous xx

8 years ago

So colorful ! I love the blues in the photos. If I could find a fisherman like that, I just MIGHT try the octopus panino! My best friend is my sister & we plan to spend our “older” years vacationing together like that. Ah, the cat…without a care in the world and a full tummy!

lisa | renovatingitaly

such a wonderful way to tell a story and that pic of the tentacles escaping the panini is classic x