Pro Photo – I Made the Cover

Australian Prophoto June 2012 story by Alison Stieven Taylor copyright Carla Coulson

There are still days even after 11 years of having my work published, literally hundreds of photographic stories in print that I STILL feel like doing a little ‘oh what a feeling’ Toyota jump’ (translated for the non Aussies as so excited you need to jump in the air) in my loungeroom for joy.

Today is one of those days, cause this crusty old photographer made the front cover of Australian Pro Photo and the lead story! Another little tap dance of excitement and a squeal thrown in.

I can’t wait to see the issue of any magazine that I have worked for to see how they have laid out my photographs but there is something extra special about being on the cover. Thank-god I am thousands of miles away on the other side of the world or I could have done a little newsstand stalking today and probably wouldn’t have resisted a couple of self portraits in front of my covers!!

BTW the cover pic was taken at the Lido de Paris for superstar Aussie showgirl Shay Stafford.

Thanks to the kind folks at Pro Photo and especially the wonderful and generous journalist Alison Stieven- Taylor for her kinds words about my work.

Merci, merci et mille grazie from the other side of the world.

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