It was an unexpected twist in my story that my partner would come home one day and announce we were moving from Italy to France. Paris Tango was written and photographed in my early years in Paris and it’s a tribute to the people that call this city home.




Here’s what the publisher said :


Paris Tango offers a contemporary look at Paris, one of the world’s most beautiful and vital cities, through the eyes of Australian photographer and writer Carla Coulson. Paris Tango takes us on a very personal journey into the heart of the city; from an insider’s take on her local neighborhood, the vibrant Marais and behind-the-scenes at the Moulin Rouge to the contemporary artists, couturiers, and perfumers who continue upholding the legacy of Paris’s reputation as being at the cutting edge of style. Carla interviews the gatekeepers of all things French, including: Moulin Rouge owner Jacki Clérico; master perfumer Frederic Malle; couture genius Francois Lesage; renowned florist Djordje Varda; lingerie high priestess Chantal Thomass; and architect Renzo Piano, whose masterpiece, the Pompidou Centre has become part of Paris’s iconography. Carla also introduces her readers to Parisian locals such as her salsa teacher, landlady, and boulanger, as well as just a few of the Parisian dog owners who give Paris its reputation for being the city of dog poop. Carla’s intimate photographs and evocative writing create an unforgettable, yet very personal portrait of a city that never fails to inspire. Those who already love Paris, and those still waiting to be wooed, will be entranced by the insight into the city that Carla shares.




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