In Chasing a Dream I tried to put into words and photos how it felt to find an unexpected passion for photography and the love and wonder it has given me. These photos and stories are personal, they are part of my journey.




Here’s what the publisher said :


Eleven years ago, Sydney girl-about-town Carla Coulson swapped a corporate job and a cushy life for an old camera, an uncertain future and a way of living that would ignite her soul.  She recorded the first part of her journey – her new life in Florence and, later, Paris – in the best-selling books Italian Joy and Paris Tango


Early in her new career as a photographer, Carla was advised to ‘shoot from the heart’.  In this wonderfully diverse collection of photographs, taken in Italy, France, Greece, India and her native Australia, Carla does just that, lovingly recording the people and places she has encountered along the way.  Her joie de vivre radiates from every photograph, be it of a weather-beaten Greek fisherman or a Moulin Rouge dancer wearing nothing but a well-placed tie, the sumptuous interior of a Venetian salon or children frolicking on a Sydney beach.  Carla moves effortlessly from highly stylised fashion shoots in the grand hotels and palazzo of Europe to real-life shots of factory workers in India.


In this highly evocative collection of photographs, Carla records her personal quest to enrich her life.  Chasing a Dream will inspire you to seize the day and follow your heart.