Belief - Portrait Photography Workshop Italy 2019 - Carla Coulson
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Belief – Portrait Photography Workshop Italy 2019


Belief: a feeling of certainty that something exists, is true, or is good.


I am super excited today to launch a brand new workshop rolling together my favourite elements of photography and coaching to help you bust your glass ceiling in the realms of portraiture… drumroll… ladies and gents, we present… Belief Portrait Photography Workshop Italy 2019 (this is the bit where we need Aretha Franklin and her back-up singers).


After the wonderful Heartland Environmental Workshop in October 2018 at the exquisite Masseria Potenti, workshop co-ordinator Athalee Brown and I have the greatest pleasure in presenting another unique workshop in this heavenly location in Puglia, Italy.


The ultimate gift for a photographer is the belief in themselves, their vision, and their skills. It was with these key three things in mind that I masterminded with Photographer Loc Boyle to bring together our love of portrait photography and creativity. I have added my skills as a life coach to help YOU gain a deeper belief in your photographic vision, more confidence in working with your portrait subject and embracing your creativity to dream bigger. Oh, and did we mention the linen sheets!!


Using life coaching skills I guide you to access something deeper within you that will allow you to go beyond those portrait moments when it feels like nothing is happening, to provoke your portrait subject to draw out something more than a pretty portrait.


Yes, folks taking portraits is as much about you as it is about your portrait subject. To become skilled at (or even close) to taking the portraits you want, means getting comfortable with you and letting go of the feelings of shyness, embarrassment and taking up someone’s time. Connecting to yourself helps you to connect to others. So get ready to dance, laugh and get vulnerable!


It’s about having the courage to sit through the awkward moments till something happens instead of racing to get a picture done. It’s about opening YOUR HEART as much as trying to get your portrait subject to OPEN THEIRS.


We teach you the secrets to CREATING A VISION for your work, bowling up to unsuspecting folks to capture a portrait in a language you can’t speak or approaching people in unique circumstances whilst travelling.We show how to use the language of natural light to to strengthen the mood of your photo.


Being able to capture something only you see, tapping into something deeper within you and within the person in front of you to create an image that causes us to stop, reflect and ponder ‘who is this person, what’s their story’?


All of this will be taught in a place close to heaven, the beautiful Masseria Potenti. A place that will nurture and inspire the soul and serve as the perfect backdrop to start mastering YOUR CONFIDENCE AND BELIEF, the use of light and space, working with people all made easier in a supportive environment where you can push and challenge yourself to take those photos you dream of taking.





Day 1Accessing your true creativity and trusting yourself to take more intimate images, a look at what’s holding you back. Critiquing your work and the basics of portraiture.

Day 2 – Working with real people to create authentic portraits in environmental situations visiting the beautiful Martina Franca. Critiquing your work

Day 3Getting to know, see and understand light. Learning how to create a mood in photographs. Critiquing your work

Day 4Working with portrait subjects to create and stage portraits in an environmental setting. Critiquing your work

Day 5Lightroom, the art of post processing to suit your images and message. The last day will be devoted to you creating your story and post processing it.




  • All meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • 5 days of tuition based at Masseria Potenti and visiting a town in the local area depending on the exercises
  • Working one-on-one with portrait subjects
  • 6 nights accommodation at beautiful Masseria Potenti
  • Photography booklet
  • Lightroom tutorials
  • And loads of creativity, dancing, friendship and fun!!


EARLY BIRD FREE BONUS: FOR THOSE BOOKING PRIOR TO 1ST MARCH 2019: Intimate dinner in Bari with Carla, team & other earlybirders on the 6th October 2019 PLUS one hour private one-on-one coaching or photography lesson with Carla Coulson or Loc Boyle on the morning of the 7th October 2019 in Bari.






Sunday 6th October 2019 – 2pm Pick up Bari and and transfer to Masseria Potenti – 7pm Welcome dinner

7, 8,9,10,11,th October – Masseria Potenti

12th October 2019 – 9am Transfer from Masseria Potenti to Bari





  • For photographers who love people, beauty, photography and want to take their portrait photography to the next level in a dreamy inspiring location.
  • For people who want to travel with a group of like-minded souls and discover how good they really are at their creative art and want to learn from peeps who love it too!!
  • For photographers who want to take meaningful photos of their family, people on their travels or portrait clients or become more confident with portraiture
  • For those who aren’t scared to unravel a little more of their story and get more comfortable with who they are as a person.




  • Can use their camera on manual
  • Know the basics of ISO, shutter speed and apertures
  • Have an interest and passion in photography, people and spaces
  • Have a DSLR or mirrorless camera


My Wish For You:


  • My wish is that every participant gets to know themselves a little better therefore can create the portrait images they desire.
  • By connecting to themselves they can connect on a deeper level to their portrait client
  • Will have a portfolio of images of people and Masseria Potenti
  • Will leave feeling nurtured, more confident within themselves and have new skills, techniques and a post processing protocol.
  • Will have had one of the best creative experiences of their lives and have a posse of new friends.



EARLY BIRD FREE BONUS: FOR THOSE BOOKING PRIOR TO 1ST MARCH 2019:  Intimate dinner in Bari with Carla, team & other earlybirders on the 6th October 2019 PLUS one hour private one-on-one coaching or photography lesson with Carla Coulson or Loc Boyle on the morning of the 7th October 2019 in Bari.




Deposit: 2500 EURO (non-refundable deposit) can be paid once you have registered below and a place has been confirmed.


Payment can be made by Paypal or Credit Card

With 2 additional payments due:

  • 1350 EURO – 28th Feb 2019
  • 1000 EURO – 31st March 2019

All enquiries to










You can register to join us on the workshop HERE


MAILING LIST: If you would like to be added to our list and make sure you’re the first to know about our workshops, click HERE.


We will get back to you as soon as possible to let you know if there is a place available.

Many thanks and we look forward to being in touch.

If you have any questions we would love to hear from you





“Investing in myself, and my photography, by attending Carla’s ‘Heartland’ workshop was simply one of the best experiences I have had.  Carla is an amazing teacher and Loc and Athalee’s support during the week was exceptional.  The group that attended bonded instantly and we were able to open up and support each other through the week, developing deep and profoundly close friendships for life.  When discussing the week with another photographer and talking about the nuggets of gold Carla had shared, the standout for me is that I have often found lots of great things to photograph when I am in a new environment but struggled when I am in my usual surroundings… no more… Carla’s workshop, and this is really down to her own approach to photography and life, opened me up to the innocence and joy of connecting with people and spaces through my photography, to be open to seeing with fresh eyes every time I pick up the camera, and celebrating the most simple interactions.  Heartfelt thanks to Carla, Loc and Athalee for an incredible week.” 

Jennene Greenall – Brisbane



“Best bloody decision I have made in years… For six days, I was completely immersed in photography, tutored often one on one by Carla or Loc, based at the sublime Masseria Potenti and was fortunate enough to share the experience with a wonderful group of students from around the world.  Grazie to the Dream Team of Carla, Loc & Athalee.  Where are we going next, Carla?  Sign me up!”

– Nina – Sydney



“Heartland Puglia – an opportunity to photograph southern Italian beauties, draped in vintage Italian clothing (sourced by an Italian lady with an inimitable eye for style), staged against the stunning beauty of the Masseria Potenti…this alone was worth crossing the world to be part of.  A day to be treasured. Thank you to Carla, Loc, Athalee and the Masseria Potenti team for organizing such a magic afternoon that will remain fondly in my heart and soul.

Heartland kept giving…connecting amazing people from around the world who all love photographic creativity…priceless.  Gorgeous interiors that make you want to photograph every inch. The people, the place and the food were all completely divine. Bravo.” 

– Mary Willis – Mornington Peninsula, Victoria



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