Belief – Beginners’ Photography Workshop Italy 2019

Belief: a feeling of certainty that something exists, is true, or is good.


It’s all razzle-dazzle here today as we are releasing for the first time ever BELIEF, a BEGINNER’S PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP in Puglia Italy, where we inspire and guide you through the basic elements of photography, taking you from ZERO TO HERO in  6 exciting days. We have organised a veritable ‘buffet’ of the best of Puglia including visits to Martina Franca, Oria, Bari and a once in a lifetime styled portrait shoot in Masseria Potenti to inspire you to create the best images possible.
I believe everyone is creative if you give yourself the time and my wish for you on this workshop is that you will walk away with a feeling of confidence and excitement about your photography and the BELIEF in yourself that you are a creative soul and always have been and know that photography and creativity can change and inspire the rest of your life (this is the bit where we need Aretha Franklin and her back-up singers).
Imagine becoming really, really good at something that could start you on a new path and open your life to exciting creative possibilities, friendships, personal discovery, connection, a whole lot of fun and a greater connection to YOU.
After the wonderful Heartland Environmental Workshop in October 2018 at the exquisite Masseria Potenti, workshop co-ordinator Athalee Brown and I have the greatest pleasure in presenting another unique workshop in this heavenly location in Puglia, Italy.
Many people have asked me throughout the years to create a safe, fun environment to learn manual photography and that is exactly what we have done. Master Photographer Loc Boyle and myself will teach you the basics of composition, ISO, shutter speed and creating a great exposure so that you can start to bring your creative vision to the images you have always dreamed of creating. We will show you how to use light to create mood and emotion in your images and to take your photography to the next level. Then we’ll let you loose on the most beautiful streets of Martina Franca and Oria and let you test your skills on a very special styled portrait shoot in Masseria Potenti. As the grand finale, we’ll finish our workshop in the historical centre of Bari, photographing the ladies who make pasta and the daily street life.
We will take you from zero photography skills to feeling confident using your camera on manual and that feeling of achievement and excitement when you learn something new.
There will be classroom lessons each day in the gorgeous Masseria Potenti as we slowly build your skills, knowledge and love for photography and hands-on lessons. You will practice your newfound skills and creativity each day and learn to use light to create images of people, markets, and local architecture and culture.
There will be daily critiquing of your images and we are confident you will walk away from this workshop taking fabulous photos with a skip in your step for YOUR newfound skills, creativity, for what YOU have achieved, and the photographic adventure you have been on and the experiences you have lived. Not to mention, the fabulous new tribe of creative pals you will count as friends.
All of this will be taught in a place close to heaven, the beautiful Masseria Potenti. A place that will nurture and inspire the soul and serve as the perfect backdrop to start mastering THE BASICS OF PHOTOGRAPHY, have BELIEF in your creativity, know how to use light and space, made easier in a supportive environment where you can push and challenge yourself to take those photos you dream of taking.





Day 1 – Pick up 2pm Bari centre and airport for transfer to Masseria Potenti for our welcome dinner.


Day 2 – Masseria Potenti – The basics of manual photography to take correct exposures and beautiful compositions. Introduction to Lightroom and critiquing your images 


Day 3 – Masseria Potenti – How to use shutter speed and light to create mood in your images. Lightroom lesson and critiquing your images to help you to continue to learn and improve. Coaching exercise to break through any creative blocks. 


Day 4 – Trip to Martina Franca including lunch – Capture images of this beautiful town in the Valle D’Itria photographing the markets, streets and locals and put your new found skills to use. Afternoon return to Masseria Potenti for Lightroom lesson and critiquing your images.


Day 5 – Masseria Potenti – Morning portraiture lesson in preparation for our afternoon bonanza  drumroll… our styled portrait session in the grounds of Masseria Potenti where you get to work one-on-one with models to create your own unique vision. 


Day 6 – Trip to lovely Oria – a local village in the Manduria area to capture images of architecture, daily life, portraiture and street photography. Lunch at Masseria Potenti and afternoon final Lightroom lesson and critiquing your images. Then it’s time to celebrate all you have achieved with a Southern Italian Festa.


Day 7 – As the grand finale to a week tasting all types of photography, we transfer back to the heart of Bari to finish our workshop in the old centre of this incredible town to photograph the ladies making pasta and the daily life of this typical Italian town straight out of a movie. We finish our fabulous 6 days together with a farewell lunch in Bari.




  • All meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • 6 days of tuition based at Masseria Potenti and visiting a town in the local area depending on the exercises
  • Working one-on-one with portrait subjects in a styled shoot
  • 6 nights accommodation at the beautiful Masseria Potenti
  • Transfer from Bari centre to the Masseria and back to Bari centre
  • Single Room Occupancy: The rooms are so beautiful that everyone gets one of their own ❤
  • Photography booklet
  • Lightroom tutorials






Sunday 6th October 2019 – 2pm Pick up Bari and and transfer to Masseria Potenti – 7pm Welcome dinner

7, 8,9,10,11,th October – Masseria Potenti

12th October 2019 – 9am Transfer from Masseria Potenti to Bari centre for final photography lesson. Lunch included. Workshop ends at 3pm on October 12th.





  • For amateurs who have always wanted to learn photography in a safe environment and travel to the south of Italy with a group of like-minded souls.
  • For people who want to explore their creative side and want to have it nurtured in an beautiful environment but have never had the opportunity.
  • For people who love images, photography and want to fast-track their knowledge and skills
  • For those who aren’t scared to unravel a little more of their story and get more comfortable with who they are as a person and allow themselves to become good at photography




  • No prior knowledge of photography
  • Have a DSLR camera or mirrorless camera
  • Have an interest and passion for imagery and photography
  • Is in good health and can walk up to an hour a day around Italian villages.
  • Is willing to to learn in a supportive group of like-minded souls




  • My wish is that every participant walks away with a skip in their step, new found photography skills and the excitement of accessing their creative self
  • That each participant gets to know themselves a little better therefore can create the  images they desire
  • By connecting to themselves they can connect on a deeper level to their photographic vision
  • Will have a beautiful portfolio of travel images, people and the Masseria Potenti
  • Will leave feeling nurtured, more confident within themselves and have new skills, techniques and a post processing protocol.
  • Will have had one of the best creative experiences of their lives and have a posse of new creative friends.



EARLY BIRD FREE BONUS: FOR THOSE BOOKING PRIOR TO 21ST APRIL 2019: A 12 x 18 inch Carla Coulson Fine Art print from her Young Girl in Bloom or Italian Beaches series, delivered to your home anywhere in the world, valued at 260 Euros.


Deposit: 2500 EURO (non-refundable deposit) can be paid once you have registered below and a place has been confirmed.


Payment can be made by Paypal or Credit Card
With 2 additional payments due:

  • 1350 EURO – 31st May 2019
  • 1000 EURO – 15th July 2019

All enquiries to










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We will get back to you as soon as possible to let you know if there is a place available.
Many thanks and we look forward to being in touch.
If you have any questions we would love to hear from you





“Investing in myself, and my photography, by attending Carla’s ‘Heartland’ workshop was simply one of the best experiences I have had.  Carla is an amazing teacher and Loc and Athalee’s support during the week was exceptional.  The group that attended bonded instantly and we were able to open up and support each other through the week, developing deep and profoundly close friendships for life.  When discussing the week with another photographer and talking about the nuggets of gold Carla had shared, the standout for me is that I have often found lots of great things to photograph when I am in a new environment but struggled when I am in my usual surroundings… no more… Carla’s workshop, and this is really down to her own approach to photography and life, opened me up to the innocence and joy of connecting with people and spaces through my photography, to be open to seeing with fresh eyes every time I pick up the camera, and celebrating the most simple interactions.  Heartfelt thanks to Carla, Loc and Athalee for an incredible week.” 

Jennene Greenall – Brisbane



“Best bloody decision I have made in years… For six days, I was completely immersed in photography, tutored often one on one by Carla or Loc, based at the sublime Masseria Potenti and was fortunate enough to share the experience with a wonderful group of students from around the world.  Grazie to the Dream Team of Carla, Loc & Athalee.  Where are we going next, Carla?  Sign me up!”

– Nina – Sydney



“Heartland Puglia – an opportunity to photograph southern Italian beauties, draped in vintage Italian clothing (sourced by an Italian lady with an inimitable eye for style), staged against the stunning beauty of the Masseria Potenti…this alone was worth crossing the world to be part of.  A day to be treasured. Thank you to Carla, Loc, Athalee and the Masseria Potenti team for organizing such a magic afternoon that will remain fondly in my heart and soul.

Heartland kept giving…connecting amazing people from around the world who all love photographic creativity…priceless.  Gorgeous interiors that make you want to photograph every inch. The people, the place and the food were all completely divine. Bravo.” 

– Mary Willis – Mornington Peninsula, Victoria



“I’ve been fortunate to attend several of Carla’s workshops and each time I learn more and more – develop my style further – gain more confidence. ‘Heartland’ was a revelation – a stunning environment, perfect organization of the workshop, fabulous fellow creatives who will be friends forever. The atmosphere was relaxed yet brimming with creative energy. Carla is an exceptional teacher with a gift for knowing what each of us needs to know at any one time. She is always there to answer a question. I have a whole different approach now to environmental portraiture. In the first place, I’m not scared any more! I had so many big breakthroughs both photographically but also personally, at this workshop. Thank you to Carla and thank you to ‘Mr Patience’ himself, Loc Boyle who is Carla’s assistant. Always there, endlessly patient, teaching us how to use different types of natural light, slow shutter speed, help with editing in Lightroom, etc. Thank you Loc. And thank you to Athalee, who organized us and made sure we never missed anything. Carla, the workshop was brilliant and, as always, more than lived up to my expectations. Anyone who is fortunate enough to take a workshop with you is blessed.”

– Jilly Bennett – Gorbio, France



“For me, this Heartland workshop has been a life-changing experience. The knowledge gained, the very hands-on exercises and field trips, the beautiful and inspiring location, the exquisite food, the camaraderie and the group support, the laughter, the constructive feedback… it is all I had hoped for yet infinitely more. These women will always be part of my life and I cherish the close friendships that have formed during the week. Thank you so much, Carla, Athalee and Loc!”

– Jasmijn Van Ooy – The Hague, Netherlands



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