Why Your Photos and Story Count

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Dear Folks,

There was a time in my life when I thought my story didn’t count. My life felt insignificant and I could never have imagined it any other way.

When I became a photographer and had my first images published in Marie Claire something moved inside of me. I realised I had a power. What I focused on or photographed I could shine a light on, like my first story on Naples a place at the time that was neglected by a wider audience but deeply loved by me.

When I had my first book published I decided to tell my story exactly as it was. I made it a ‘private’ mission at the time to tell the truth even though I felt incredibly vulnerable, I wanted to put a message out into the world that you have the power to change things and live life the way you want it to be.

I have secretly (cat’s out of the bag) woven my beliefs, values and experiences into everything I have done for the past 17 years hoping something in what I put out into the world would awaken something in others that too needed to get back on the path to what they truly believed in.

I know it seems like a big stretch when you have no voice but just for a second imagine if you did. What would you tell the world if you had a chance? What stories are important to you?

Everybody has a story and everybody’s story is valid, special and unique. For me sharing my story and photos has been a healing, nurturing and empowering experience I could recommend with all my heart.

Your story is worth telling, the world is waiting!

Sending love and hugs





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