Why Photography Is Good For Your Happiness

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Dear Photographers and Curious folk,

Who would have ever thought that picking up a camera and falling in love with image making would be good for your health, happiness and connection to spirit?

Well, you are probably thinking that Carla has had one too many celery juices whilst taking pictures but I am not talking about that.

I am talking about getting into the ‘flow’, which is a termed coined by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and is described in his book Flow (1990), “he describes flow as being consciously in inner harmony with whatever you’re doing. He contends that happiness connects to our ability to feel flow in our lives and that it must be cultivated and practiced.”

I never knew how to describe this particular feeling I have with photography till I tripped over Mr. C. I had always describe it as “forgetting myself, being so in the moment that space and time disappear, I am neither hungry, tired or cold. I am so wholeheartedly connected to the moment that all I feel is the sense of ‘being’ which ultimate even when it stops brings me joy.

Being in the flow is like meditation in motion. And for any of you folks that meditate, you will know all the health benefits such as calming your nervous system, getting inner clarity and peace. Meditation like the flow connects you to something greater, it connects you to source energy, to the big ‘energy’ kahuna that gives you more insights into yourself, life and trusting your art.

Here’s the trick, getting into ‘the flow’ doesn’t happen all the time, in fact, it can be quiet rare because we are so busy planning, thinking, questioning. It happens when you stop pushing and controlling and start to allow and trust the process and when you are having a really good time and doing what you LOVE and then you just ‘flow’ away!

The good news doing any activity you love where you lose your ability to be ‘self-conscious’ gets you into the flow. Woohoo, so if you love other creative arts, gardening or hiking you too can access flow.

Mr. C says the more you can bring flow into your life, the more happiness you will have. You can watch his Ted Talk HERE

And we all love happiness…

Have you experienced your version of ‘the flow’?





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Nadine Wilmanns
3 years ago

So true. Happens aswell when editing pictures or just looking at a good photo book or magazines. Images are happiness at its best:-)