Photo Shoots

I love making women feel good about themselves. I love fashion and always have and photography for me is more than a job, it’s life itself.

I choose to concentrate on creating portraits of women because I know how is to be a woman,

a crazy mix of fragility, strength with a big dose of love thrown in.

I want my photos to reflect the real you with lots of heart.


Why before and after?…It was whilst photographing fashion during the past ten years that I first witnessed the incredible transformation of a woman.

A model would arrive, looking just like the girl next door and within hours, with the help of an incredible hair and make-up artist, she was transformed

and she would finish on the pages of a magazine with a beauty that seemed impossible.

Women have the conception that these models are “extraordinary” and I have learnt that they are just like us.

Each of us has our own unique beauty. The real women that I have photographed throughout the years with the right light, poses,

hair and make-up could grace the pages of a magazine.

The women is these photos are women like us. They are mothers, sisters, friends, wives and lovers. They are all beautiful.