Overcoming Fear

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. It’s a beautiful day in Paris after weeks of rain and more to come but light puts an amazing positive slant on everything.

Many of you have written me to about taking the first step towards a new life. I know it’s scary but sometimes fear can be good. I love the above quote by Mary Anne Radmacher and for me it sums up my career. No overnight success just a lot of ‘trying again tomorrow’.

I don’t think there is a creative person alive that doesn’t know fear. There are so many things that we can fear if we choose to, fear of our work being rejected, fear of failure, fear of working on our own, fear of having no money, the unknown and sometimes it might be even be fear of succeeding.

I have worked on my own for almost 26 years (13 as a photographer and 13 as a small business owner) and I know how it feels to be frightened.

Changing my life and becoming a photographer has been equal parts of fear, excitement, happiness and reward but there have been days when my stomach has woven itself in knots and I have wanted to curl up in a dark room (and I probably did).

Many people have told me over and over again how courageous I have been to make it happen. I tell them that for me courage ‘is that quiet voice at the end of the day that says I will try again tomorrow’.

From the outside my path may have looked easy but I can unsure this is not an overnight success story. I have tried every day since I started photography, taking small steps day after day, sticking to my plan and never giving in and it has been those small consistent steps that has ‘made it happen’.

Overcoming Fear

There will be good days and there will be bad days and if you know that from the outset don’t let the bad days drag you down (too far).

You can achieve big things being consistent with small steps so whenever you are frightened don’t look at the big picture, look at what small steps you can take today that will get you to tomorrow.

If you take small steps everyday and stick to your plan it will take you to your future.

Wishing you a wonderful journey..

Courage does not always roar, sometimes courage is that quiet voice at the end of the day saying “I will try again tomorrow???. Mary Anne Radmacher




Please feel free to share with anyone who is living a self doubting moment..


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9 years ago

This is such a good quote. Writing for me has been just as gradual. Interrupted by kids, marriages, dogs, cats, gardening and working hard. Such a merry-go-round and the most difficult thing is believing in your path and following it through. Quietly.

Lovely post. Xcat

9 years ago

Thank you
Thank you Carla
So well put. Nail on the head.
People think it took courage to come here but it’s the opposite.
Staying stuck in a rut takes more courage…
Those daily small steps are so important.

Debra Kolkka
9 years ago

I was a small business owner for 20 years. It was fun, terrifying, exciting and awful…often in one day. My motto was “Bite off more than you can chew, and chew like mad”. It worked for me.
Trying again tomorrow is also good idea.

Corrina Tough
9 years ago

Thanks Carla, that was for me- you are very precious xx Corrina Tough

9 years ago

You never cease to inspire me!!!

Beth Anderson
9 years ago


Enjoying your philosophy as always. I see you were a small business owner before your photography business. Have you ever written a post about taking things from your old life and translating them/learning from them, into your new life? By this I mean that so many of the things you knew previously must have helped with your new life and career…

Liz Thomas
9 years ago

Love this quote. It is so wonderful.

Great post. Something that always runs through the back of your mind, fear!

Read my copy of “My Greek Island Home” which is appropriate to this post. Taking a big leap and never looking back. An absolute dream

french cravings
9 years ago

Sometimes, fear of success can be the beast that holds us back. By this, I mean that when we embark on a journey to make a change, we anticipate success of some sort–otherwise why bother at all, right? Well, looking down that road at the changes success could bring can often bring about fear as well, leading to taking no action at all. How will this success affect my marriage, my children, my life here at home?

My dream is to become a travel writer and photographer, meaning more time away. Now that our kids are getting older, realizing that dream is becoming more of a possibility…and with that comes fear. x Katie

Melissa G
9 years ago

I needed to hear that. Thanks, Carla!