Now I Know Why I Was Always Disappointed On Valentine's Day - Carla Coulson
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Now I Know Why I Was Always Disappointed On Valentine’s Day

Dear Friends and Lovers,

If there was a day of the year that triggered me (other than Christmas Day) it was Valentine’s Day.

In the old pre-photography days for Carla I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why all those bunches of flowers arrived on Valentine’s Day to the office door but they never had my name on them.

Now I know why!

Here’s what I learnt about myself. I was the first one to NOT love myself so the message I was putting out into the world was ‘hey guys, there ain’t no love here so please go knock on someone else’s door’.  A male friend once told me I had an energy field as strong as the Berlin Wall around me that said ‘stay away’.

People use to talk to me about loving myself and I use to think WTF is that??? When I grew up ‘loving yourself’ had negative connotations such as, she thinks she is better than the rest, she is sooo self-centred or full of yourself so I wasn’t buying into any of that.

No I was miss low maintenance (let me carry 6 schooners of beer back from the bar in one go).

If they had only explained it better way back then I mightn’t have waited so long to actually get some self-respect.

Loving yourself is about respect, kindness, generosity and forgiveness to yourself. It’s about feeling worthy of a bunch of flowers, a foot massage, success, not the burnt chop, a new dress or someone’s love.

Sheesh, I had it mixed up for soooooo long..

So if you want to start on the road to self-love here are some tips:

  1. Stop the negative self-talk – pull yourself up or start becoming conscious when you put yourself down. Don’t say things to yourself you would say to your loved ones.
  2. Start putting time into yourself, take the time to care for yourself, rub that lotion into your legs instead of hurrying out of the shower!
  3. Nourish yourself with self-care – foot massages, a new dress and signing up for dance lessons. You are worth it.
  4. Know you are worthy of love and start giving it. Say hello, smile, be kind to others, give when you can and it will be returned to you a thousand times over.
  5. Loving yourself is the best thing on the planet, the more you love and respect yourself the more you can live life authentically and the more love goes out into the world for others. Hallelujah.

Sending you love

Carla x

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