New Release – ‘Out of the Blue’ Limited Edition Print

Out of the Blue, Carla Coulson Limited Edition Fine Art Print, Young Girl in Bloom, floral photography, flowers, hydrangeas

I know many of you are still in lockdown (shout out to all my followers in Victoria) and in an uncertain situation in the world, so I hope to bring you joy with this new girl from my series Young Girl in Bloom, her name is ‘Out Of The Blue’.

I hope you love her; here’s her story…

This girl is my latest edition to the Young Girl in Bloom series and her name is ‘Out Of The Blue’.

Something special has just started to happen to her, things that she wants and loves just like magic seem to appear ‘out of the blue’ without any logical reason. This girl is starting to pay attention to all the magical moments that keep occurring when she allows herself to do what she loves, be the fullest expression of herself and say Yes to her deepest desires.

There’s a posh name for this — it’s called Synchronicity; someone calls when you are thinking of them, an opportunity arises after having an idea about it just moments or days earlier and when you are at your happiest and most joyful, lots of good stuff comes your way.

This photo is created with you in mind, to help you notice that when you resonate with things, people, circumstances, joy and creativity, things happen easily, seamlessly and without pushing and exhausting yourself against life and situations. You will find yourself gracefully sauntering down a street knowing that life can have more ease by allowing yourself to do the things you love, safe in the knowledge that those little moments ‘out of the blue’ are more than casual coincidence.

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3 months ago

Just gorgeous – maybe my favourite so far, but i’m biased to both hydrangeas and to this robin’s egg blue. Fantastic work! If I had unlimited funds, i would buy every one of this series….and a house large enough to show them 🙂

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